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Old 09-21-2005, 02:07 AM
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Default *** Other Links - Tools, Events, etc. (Upd. 12/26) ***

Note: There is no digest linked in this thread because the two people who were making digests stopped.

STTF [censored] thread. March. - just about anything goes here.

[censored] thread.

STT Chat:

STT Chat thread

ALReturnsLOL's Interview Series

Interview with Citanul
Interview with Daliman
Interview with Newt Buggs
Interview with Apathy

Official STTF-HUC III threads:

STTF-HUC III Interest List

Study group threads:

Mariogs379 11s/22s study group

Other External Links:

There are some very useful websites and pieces of software, and some that have debatable value. Two Plus Two Publishing LLC is not affiliated with any of these sites, or other pages not hosted at, nor does it endorse them. Here’s a few:

Pergesu's Hand Converter - Please convert all hands before posting.

Neildewhurst Hand Convert - Works with FT as well. is a web based utility to evaluate hand match-up equities in various poker games.

bisonbison’s hand converter makes hand histories from various online poker rooms all pretty so that you can post them on your favorite poker forums without getting flamed for bad formatting.

the replayer allows you to cut and paste Partypoker hand histories and watch them on a graphical interface as if you were watching them at the table. provides detailed comparisons of SnG's at most every site.

tables like this one that gives the pot equity with any hand against a random hand, are available all over online.

The aleomagus spreadsheet is always being revised, and the best way to find it is to run a search for the most recent mentions of “spreadsheet” in this forum, or something like that. Here is a semi permanent link to the spreadsheet to check before searching. The spreadsheet helps keep track of SNG results, and some more detailed statistics.

The below list of STT "essentials" was created by Karpanen - thanks!

~ Please post software questions/reviews HERE ~

<ul type="square">
ICM software
[*] SNGPT Software that allows the user to run an EV calculation that takes into account the ICM, folding equity, and more.
[*]SitNGo Wizard Another ICM tool with tournie import, bubble quiz and more...
[*] SNGEGT Another ICM calculator with the controversial real-time option.
[*] Pokerstove Helps you run simulations and EV calculations.
(Mirror download location HERE)
[*] ICM calculator Calculations by hand. Freeware.
There's an alternative online version HERE.
And finally, poster New York Jet has offered an alternative HERE that you can download.
[*]Bubble trainer Helps to develop late game skills.

Tracking tools
[*] Poker Tracker Poker evaluating software. Tracks your play by position, staring hands, results etc.
[*]PokerAce HUD Overlays Poker Tracker stats right on your table
[*] PokerOffice Another hold'em evaluating software. Has a built in table overlay.
[*] Tourney Manager Reports and analyzes tournament stats. Best tracking software for STTs.
[*] Tourney Manager Companion Spreadsheet companion to Tourney Manager that can be used to track bankroll and graph results. Freeware, by Slim Pickens (hosted by
[*] 2p2 SNG Spreadsheet Keep track of your results. Freeware. Authored by many, last updated by Slim Pickens, version 2.8 (hosted by

Multitabling software
[*] Card and table mods Modify your tables and cards. Makes multitabling easier. Freeware.
[*] Auto timebank clicker For Party. AHK. Freeware. I fixed it!
[*] PartyPlanner Allows you to predesign where each table loads. Freeware.
[*] Multi Table Helper Table arrengement, keyboard control and more. For Party and Stars
[*]Major tool The biggest tool on this forum.
[*]Handsome's Stars script

Web sites for STTs
[*]Sharkscope The largest tournament result database. Know your enemies.
[*] SNG Icons Poker videos and hand analyzing.
[*] Poker videos
[*] Cardrunners Popular poker learning site.
[*] Poker X Factor Another site for learning how to pwn.
[*] Poker Prophecy Database for Party players. Banned by Party.

~ Please post instructional site questions/reviews HERE ~
All events are open to all posters of Two Plus Two but is not an official function of Two Plus Two and thus is not sponsored by Two Plus Two Publishing LLC.
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