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Old 12-01-2007, 05:18 PM
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Default Re: I don\'t understand how I lost this hand

straights don't wrap around the top. i.e. the King, Ace and TWo don't connect. the king and ace, and the ace and two connect separately.

i do find sometimes i don't understand why i lost, and the the SNG will have kicked me out really fast. i go back and the site/software is never wrong. usually a straight i didn't see or something to do with counterfeited pairs and then my kicker not being good enough.

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How did you like it when you first started playing Omaha and did not understand why your straight flush lost? The answer why being that you were trying to play one card out of your hand.

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was that what i had wrong?? i thought it was i didn't know what a low hand was...... when i absolutely first ever played omaha, i did have a hard time with the two and only two part, for sure.

it is funny when you get booted out of a tournament really fast (or forget to check why you lost).... but the software is always right (not to say there couldn't be some issues with internet poker)
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