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Old 12-02-2007, 04:12 AM
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Default Value of Money

I dont know if this is an interesting topic or what not but.....

If you go on a downswing/lose a decent amount of money, how does that affect your everyday life and emotions? Like lets say you play NL50 and drop 4 buyins. To a regular person (non poker), thats alot. How does that affect you? Do you ever think "oh man that $200 could have got me a month's worth of groceries, etc.)

Basically what Im trying to figure out is how do you guys block out the value of money? Im on a huge downswing right now and just want to be able to maintain stable emotionally and mentally.
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Old 12-02-2007, 04:18 AM
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Default Re: Value of Money

poker money != life money
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