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Old 09-06-2007, 01:59 PM
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Default READ THIS DAMMIT!! Welcome to BBV4L, here are some things

OK guys here's the plan and a few rules.

1- THIS THREAD HAS WORTH WITHOUT PICS. Too many threads get lamed up by people begging for pics. If you want to see the hawt chix, here is Binky's Girls (nsfw). Go there instead of making a thread suck.

2- This is BBV4L, so some flaming is cool, but remember your goal is funny, not mean, and there's a difference between flaming and trolling. It's an arbitrary line and the mods will be using their best judgment on setting it.

3- DIAGF. This is funny, I like saying it. However, Death Threats and Wishes are a nono per the folks in red. Please find other hilarious ways of expressing your distaste for diebitter.

4- Any inline porn (be it horse, scat, mspaint, or just a nice pair of terts) is a perma ban. There's like a 4 page thread in the mod forum about this, and I think we ended up on the same page. Since this is true, you should preview your post to make sure you're not hotlinking and that your picture of somebody's grandma doesn't turn into a giant horse [censored].

5- Seriously post less about dicks.

6- Remember that this is a message board tied to a for profit publishing company that wants to make mad loot. As such you can't do anything you want to, and some things that I might think are a damn laugh riot aren't ok.

7- Racialism. Plz don't. I will hate you with my ban tools. This isn't to say that all racial humor is dead, but be smart about it.

8- Typically my system of discipline is nailing your mom. After that I'll ban you for 2 days. If I have to ban you again, it gets longer. I tend to delete useless threads and lock the ones that can be used as examples. I aim to not lock many threads in BBV4L, but be warned that dick threads are in danger.

9- Lionel Hutz. As I mentioned in another thread, a part of understanding how things will be with me running the show is that he 100% will stay banned. He was very lucky to not get perma nuked for the horse porn, and then kept pushing people's buttons. It's not hard to play by the rules, so plz to be doing it.

10- I'm still feeling this out, I'm not really sure how it will work. I want feedback, so let me/us know how it's working. It'll probably take some time before everything works out.

11- Dids's basic rule of BBV4L. Be more like Threadcat, post less dicks.

12- Consistency. There's too many damn posts. We'll catch what we see/what we get notified about it. If somebody else's stuff got missed, it's not because we like them more than you (FACT: We in fact do like them more than you, depending on who they and you are).

13- Shoes:

14- What's NSFW? If I think it might get me in trouble, it probably is. To use a recent example, I feel like a naked chick with black bars is worse than a chick in a bikini. I won't be banning for iffy stuff like this, but I will edit your link.

15- Profanity and the Censor: If you're obviously dodging the censor, that's bad. If you post something that you assume the censor should catch and it doesn't, no harm no foul, we'll edit your post.

16- Begging. If we had money, we'd spend it on girl scout cookies, textbooks for poor kids and meth. We have none to give to you, don't ask. This includes creative stuff like "I will drink 500 gallons of tang and let you watch".

17- Poles. That's how it's [censored] spelled. I have no idea what a poll is and [censored] you for asking.

18- Trainwrecks. Thou shalt not use BBV4L to launch an attack on another forum. It's bad times for 2p2. Do it, and your account gets strung up and/or shot at high noon.

19- Politics threads: there is a forum for that crap. If you make bbv4l cry by getting all "let's have an angry debate about why I should get to abort my kid while smoking a joint and shooting guns at black folk on welface" your thread will die. If you persist on this, you will probably be banned and/or forced to talk with Bluffthis! for 20 minutes.

20- Big ass images: Post pictures of big asses (clothed please) but not images that stretch the forums and make baby Dids cry.

21- "Wigga" is not an ok word. Pass it on.

22- OMG MY FAVORITE POSTER GOT BANNED FOR POSTING A GOAT FISTING A DUDE YOU ARE SO MEAN LIGHTEN UP AND STOP RUINING 2p2. STFU and get banned. If you want to complain about a mod action, go to AFT and do it like an adult there. Don't clog up BBV4L with this crap. If you are going to bitch, you probalby shouldn't make sure you haven't been permabanned like 18 times previously.

23- File Sharing/TV Streaming - 2p2 no likey. Being a book company, stuff that allows people to steal intellectual property makes 2p2 cry. Don't post about it or you will get banned.

24- If you're a long time troll, and you start a thread, it will probably get deleted unless it really, really rules, because you don't deserve the attention that you so clearly crave.

Discussion thread:
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