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Old 05-14-2007, 03:07 PM
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Default MTTc FAQ V1.0

<font color="blue">1. No one is replying to my thread, may I bump it?</font>
This actually happens very rarely, 2+2 is a very active forum, and most threads get some responses, so give it some time. If it does happen however that after a day no replies have been made, rather than a bump, if you feel that a good opportunity for discussion has been missed, you should probably reply to your own thread with more of your own thoughts on the hand/question/observation/theory or a reformulation of your post, as this is simply more productive. If you still donít get any responses after this, itís probably best to just let it go because, for whatever reason, people weren't compelled to reply.

<font color="blue">2. What is a good ROI/ITM%/FT%?</font>
Difficult question to answer, generally many have said that any positive ROI is a good one, 100 is solid. As for ITM, anything over 10% is good, and MTT guru Sirio has said his records havenít shown any player above 20% with a decent sample size (this is for online tournaments with fast structures, deeper stacks and slower levels should allow a skilled player to break that cap).

<font color="blue">3. What is the bankroll requirement for playing MTTs?</font>
Ring game players have their 300 BB rule of thumb, the MTT equivalent would be minimum 50 to 100 buy-ins (note: includes vig). Accordingly, if you want to play $10+1 tournaments, you would need $550-1,100 roughly to keep yourself ample cushioning to handle variance and keep in mind that many people would argue 100 buy-ins is really necessary. Also, this rule is meant to be applied to freezeout not rebuy tournaments.

<font color="blue">4. Whatís the best way to keep records on my MTT performance?</font>
ExitOnly created a comprehensive Excel document for this purpose which can be downloaded here, or SnG tracker is a small piece of software which may also be handy.

<font color="blue">5. Can I create final table sweat thread?</font>


Here are a few guidelines for that:
First off, such posts should not be created until you <font color="red">reach the final table.</font> Also, when creating a new post, you have the option of selecting an icon to appear next to the title. For organizationís sake, we ask that sweat threads carry the [img]/images/graemlins/heart.gif[/img] icon. Also, in the title should include the the words "FT Sweat", the site, game and buy-in of the event, something like:

FT Sweat: Party NLHE 10+1

[/ QUOTE ]

Finally, in the post itself, please remember to include your ID on the site in question.

For the $20 180-person and other multi-table SNGs on Poker Stars, only one FT sweat thread is allowed per day. Before creating such a thread, make sure there already isn't one for that day. And when creating, please include the date in MMDDYY format in the subject. If you've made the final table in one of these and a thread has already been created for that day, go ahead and post there.

<font color="blue">6. (LC)? (OT)?</font>
Abbreviations for Low Content and Off-Topic respectively, should be used in thread titles on the rare (note: rare) occasions that someone posts something they want the forum to see but it is either fairly insignificant (LC) or not relevant (OT) to the discussion of tournament poker.

<font color="blue">7. Which tournaments get *Official* threads? Can I create one?</font>


Tournaments that get official threads are generally ones that are either very high profile or just attract a lot of 2+2ers. These include a slew of the big Sunday tournaments and the nightly 10+1$ rebuy on Stars. *Official* threads must include the [img]/images/graemlins/club.gif[/img] post icon. The following is a list of those tournaments where *Official* threads are allowed:

-Stars Guarantee Rebuys ($20K, $25K, and $35K) These will be in ONE thread each day, anything else will be deleted
-Stars $55k
-Stars $100k ($150k on Weds)
-Stars Million
-Stars $300+$20 Saturday "Euro Weekly"
-FTP $400k
-FTP Mulligan
-Bodog $100K

Include within this any special series of events such as:
-Large super Sats like the Weekly $600 WSOP Sat

Any other thread posted whose purpose is to find out who else is playing in a tournament and/or track the progress of players will be locked or deleted. Repeat offenders may have their posting privilidges suspended or banned in extreme cases.

If you would like to propose another tournament be added to this list, please PM either Badgerpro or Jurollo. Do not post a thread for that tournament until you have received approval.

<font color="blue">8. Where/How can I sell Poker Stars W$/T$</font>
The MTT forum has its own marketplace for these transactions. Post can be found here, Version 8.0

<font color="blue">Where can I find links to 2+2'ers "Well" Threads? </font>
Ansky's Well (11.22.06)
Sirio Well (11.24.06)
MLG's Well (11.29.06)
Nath's Well (12.05.06)
Stevepa's Well (12.12.06)
Gobboboy's Well (12.19.06)
Adanthar's Well (01.16.07)
Jurollo's Well (01.23.07)
iMsoLucky0's Well (02.06.07)
Old 05-14-2007, 03:08 PM
Jurollo Jurollo is offline
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Default Re: MTTc FAQ V1.0

I will be adding to this. Anyone who wants to help please PM the question and answer with any pertinent links.
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