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Old 09-18-2005, 03:10 PM
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Default An Anthology of 2+2 Wisdom on MTTs

If you'd like to recommend another theme and/or link, please post in the original thread. Feel free to revive any of these discussions but keep in mind that if they are archives you'll have to start a new post referencing the original archived thread.

Recent Addition(s): Shaundeeb's post on 180-person MTTs

Game Selection and Overall Strategy

Burningyen Compares Tournament Structures at the Major Sites

Adanthar's Quick Guide to Qualifying for Big Events through Satellites plus his updated post

CardSharpCook Can't Drive 55 - LIMIT Hold Em Strategy

Shaundeeb's Beginner Guide to 180s

Early Stages of Tournament Play

Che Argues That Survival During the Early Stages is Not an End in Itself

Woodguy Isn't Good Enough to Pass Up Small Edges Early (And Neither Are You)

How Much of an Edge Would the Best Players Fold Early? (Includes comments by Paul Phillips and Greg Raymer)

Mason's Question About Chip Value and Doubling Up Early (special attention to "The Wotmog Theory" post by ericicecream

Pre-Flop Play

Fnord_too and others discuss NL Pre-Flop Raising Theories

Getting Paid Off

Jason Strasser Explains How to Build Pots and Get Paid Off With Big Hands

Woodguy Refers Us to Some Tips From Fimbulwinter on Important Ring Game Skills

CardSharpCook Teaches Us How Not To Be a Fish

Jason Strasser Discusses Creative Tournament Play

Do You Love Country? You Should At Least Learn to Love Shania and a related thread

Foucault's Millenial Dissertation on Creating Profitable Situations

Ansky Discusses Situational Poker

Controlling Pot Size

Some Advice About How and Why to Control the Size of the Pot

Making Reads and Table Dynamics

Gigabet's Almost There With Success and Failure

CSC Talks About Table Dynamics and Playing the Player


MLG Explains Why Aggression is Good (Even When It Doesn't Work)

The "classic" EmarkM Post (with many other great contributors) On Building a Big Stack

Playing The Big Stack

Gigabet's Theory of Stack Sizes

MLG Contemplates Knowingly Taking the Worst of It

MLG Initiatives a Discussion About That Mysterious Inflection Point

ZeeJustin Wonders Whether the Big Stack's Chips Are Really Less Valuable

Woodguy Starts a Discussion of How to Play With a Big Stack

Making Moves

Greg Raymer Discusses the Stop and Go

Ansky et al Discuss the Re-Steal Here and Here

Other Posts That Will Improve Your Play

Clarkmeister's Post on Running Bad or Playing Badly

A Discussion on the Difference Between Winners in Small Buy-In MTTs vs. Larger Buy-In MTTs

MLG on Evolving as a Player

Play a Hand with the Masters

"Play a Hand with the Masters" composite thread

Deal Making

CardSharpCook Chops It Up

Full Tournament Reports

Adanthar Wins the Empire 15K Guaranteed

Punker Wins the Party Super Tuesday

Punker Wins the Party Super Monday

Fossilman's Foxwoods Trip Report, 2003 Championship Event

Adanthar wins the Bodog 100k Guaranteed

Compilation of PokerXFactor Hand Histories
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