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Old 12-01-2007, 04:23 PM
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Default No Sweating Rule

Last night I was playing at Resorts East Chicago. A regular who I don't know sits down to my right and I overhear him and his wife, who is waiting for a seat at another game, talking about whether or not the wife should sweat his cards. The conversation seems odd as the wife apparently feels uncomfortable with it.

After she walks away, the guy to my right starts explaining that their's a new rule that you can't show your cards to another person not at the table. Apparently the couple had been recently told by the floor they can't do it.

Later in the night I catch the end of a conversation where a floorman is explaining to another player that sweating another player's hand is no longer permitted and if it happens the hand would be ruled dead.

Is this a rule anywhere else? Is their any logical reason why it would be in place?
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