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Old 11-20-2007, 09:10 PM
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Default Re: Sporting troll PLO8Killer

how i mod my forum has a lot to do with how OOT users like it to be modded, i don't think people should be banned for disagreeing with me, that's an obviously retarded statement. i specifically stated otherwise in my last post, in fact. and if i was a mod of SE (which i would probably hate and am not a good fit for) i would mod it MUCH less stringently than OOT because that's what its users prefer.

i am not even saying you have to ban someone. i am saying the fact that your users are constantly calling for bans means they are dissatisfied with some element of the moderation - namely, the fact that people are allowed to basically be utterly retarded so long as they don't tell anyone to die in a grease fire or post a link to an NFL game streaming. but your response to that is to ban the messenger instead of asking what your users actually want, and then to ignore a very diplomatic and constructive post on my part because you think i am just a nazi.
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