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Old 09-05-2007, 12:04 AM
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Default Learning stud hi lo

First of all, is it Stud Hi LOW? Or Stud Hi lo? Or Stud eights or better?

I've played 3 tournaments of it so far (play money, lol, just until I can have a clue of what I'm doing) one was a 90 person, I came in 6th, the other was a 9 person sng, I came in 1st, and the last (which I'm still playing) is another 9 person sit and go and I'll come in 2nd or 1st. <Point is, I have a general idea of how the game works (compared to the utter confusion I felt anytime someone mentioned a stud game to me in the past.

I want to know where to go to learn the very basics. I checked the sticky in this forum, and it helped a bit, but there's a lot more. I have supersystems back at my apartment in Philly but I'm not going there for another week or so - would the chapter in that book help out someone who has just started the game? I don't know much of anything about 7 stud in general, so the %'s and all that stuff, I don't know anything about. NL hold'em I know the odds, and when I'm a favorite, but stud I'm not sure.

In any case can anyone suggest a way to learn the very basics? I learned most of the hold 'em basics through TV I think, the very basics I mean. And then I read a lot, talked a lot of strategy, figured out how to calculate chance to win, pot odds, implied, etc, but there is very little stud on TV, and what is there is BS ESPN all in stuff. Maybe a month ago I wondered how anyone could win stud hi lo playing heads up, cause wouldn't all the pots be split ? :P

Anyways, thanks, I've barely played this game but I'm starting to really like it.
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