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Old 11-11-2007, 12:16 PM
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Default I was robbed yesterday for $9,000

Has anyone else been robbed? Best part about it is it was by my "friend." I met this guy about 14 months ago at a homegame I went to with some friends of mine. We got to talking, and as it turned out he dated the same girl as me in high school, and I had very casually met him before. Me and my best friend started hanging out with this guy, which we will call Joe. We hung out with Joe probably 4 times a week. We all 3 had the same interests; we all played poker to pay the rent, we all had lots of free time, and we all enjoyed smoking weed.
After hanging out with Joe for about 4 months, he proposed a deal to me and a friend. He said he was gonna grow some weed in a rural area (we live in oklahoma) and it would be safe. He scemed out this whole plan with how much it would cost, when we would be paid back, all the materials needed, location, etc. It seemed legit, so we loaned him $5k to get it started in which he would pay us back $20k in like 4 months. Sounds real sketchy, and it was, but sounded safe at the time for some reason?
We spotted him the 6k, 3k each, and the very next day he is nowhere to be seen. He moved out of his apartment, changed his phone, no1 knows where he is. obviously he planned this to book town as soon as he got the money.
Fast forward 8 months. Me and my friend have still not heard or seen of this guy since the day he left. He was well known around the casino, and lots of people knew him, so he had already ruined his credit by doing this. This is one of the reasons we trusted him in the first place, is because so many people knew him and he had good credit in the community. So its been 8 months, and its now october 2007, and we spot him at the casino. He makes eye contact with my friend, and turns around and literally runs out the casino like the [censored] coward he is. Eventually he mans up and calls us about a week later and comes clean. He gives this whole story about how he's made mistakes in life and hes changing for the better and that hes found God. He says hes going to school part time and working two jobs and that he's going to pay us back, and somehow i believe it. In the next 2 weeks, he pays me back $600 of the 3k he owes me. He takes me on a poker trip for 3 days and pays for my hotel, food, he drives, gas, which is about $400 so now hes paid back $1k. Now I begin to think hes legit. For the next month, we hang out and everything seems to be getting better.
on Friday night, he calls me and asks what im doing today. I tell him I have nothing planned and he asks me if I want to drink and "play cards." I say ok. I have him over around 6 oclock. He makes margaritas for us and we goof around on Full Tilt. I take a few sips and im already feeling it, im like damn. I hadn't eaten much that day and hadn't drnak lately so i figured my tolerance was low. In the next hour, I end up having about 10 people over. He leaves the house around 9 pm and everyone else stays until about midnight. I go to sleep after everyone leaves, and wake up the next morning with no recolleection of what happened. I have been really drunk before and forgotten parts of my night, but nothing like this. I don't think anything of it in the morning but just assume that I had drank a lot.
10 am, Joe calls me and asks if I want to grab breakfast. I say ok, he picks me up around 11, we eat until 12. He asks me what im doing today, I say nothing planned,he asks if I want to go golfing im like alright. He asks me "have u showered yet today?" (Ive never heard anyone ask this before) I say no, so we head back to myhouse so I Can shower. He plays a $5 heads up on my name while im in the shower. I take my shower for about 10 minutes, and when I get out of the shower he is gone. Im like wtf? I try calling him and he doesnt answer. I then check the pocket of my Jeans and the $8500 I had was gone. (I play lots of high limit homegames around the area almost daily and this is why I carry so much cash on me.) My wallet is also empty which i had about $500 in. I check my full tilt account, and he had also drained my account and sent $800 to his name "riverchaser16." I contacted FTP about this and told them the situation, of course they wont transfer it back. Now I know youre thinking "how the hell could you be such a dumbass and fall for this?" Yes, I was naive for even hanging out with him in the first place after this whole thing, but this kid is the biggest [censored] scumbag I have ever met, and is probably the shittiest 20 yr old on earth. This kid is [censored] good at coning people, and must do it quite often.
What do you guys think? I know i'm an idiot and there needs to be a lesson learned here. Has anyone been robbed before? I had the police over to the scene immediately after it happened and they put a warrent out for his arrest which is good. It's a miracle this mother [censored] isn't in jail already, but he will get what he desrves. I don't even care about the money, I just want justice served. Hopefully he spends some time in the slammer and gets anal raped 3 times daily by big black men.
If anyone else has similar stories please share so I feel better. You don't have to tell me I'm an idiot because I already know. Just like to hear some input/any recommendations on how I can get ahold of this guy. I don't know where he lives but I have his phone number. He most likely is booking town again like he did last time. And I;ve already contacted the police. Any other ideas would be greatyly appreciated.


1) Met the guy through poker (shocking the people you meet)
2) He scammed me for $2500 a yr ago, I had willingly gave it to him so nothing I could do, he disappears and acts like hes paying me back 9 months later
3) He's hanging out at my house saturday morning while im in the shower, he takes $8500 from my pocket in 100's and another $500 from my wallet, and drains my FTP account for $800 (lmao)
4) his FTP name is riverchaser16
5) I later found out he drugged my drink on friday night in hopes of getting me to pass out and rob me
6) I contact police and they put warrent out for his arrest

7) I know im a dumbass, but any advice on the situation would be great. I dont know where he lives but I have his current cell number. Any way I can get info on him would be great.
Old 11-11-2007, 12:24 PM
TropAndEastern TropAndEastern is offline
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Default Re: I was robbed yesterday for $9,000

Don't tell the "I was trying to help him fund his illegal weed-growing operation" part in court. Also, next time he comes back claiming to be changed, don't f'in believe him. Stop being friends with people who have stolen thousands of dollars from you. Lol
Old 11-11-2007, 12:28 PM
1tripz1 1tripz1 is offline
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Default Re: I was robbed yesterday for $9,000

Just stay the [censored] away from him, jesus.
Old 11-11-2007, 12:29 PM
OneTimeAce OneTimeAce is offline
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Default Re: I was robbed yesterday for $9,000

Wow I would beat his ass.
Old 11-11-2007, 12:30 PM
FatRed FatRed is offline
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Default Re: I was robbed yesterday for $9,000

Stop being friends with people who have stolen thousands of dollars from you.

[/ QUOTE ]

QFT lmao
Old 11-11-2007, 12:31 PM
LucidDream LucidDream is offline
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Default Re: I was robbed yesterday for $9,000

paging grimstarr
Old 11-11-2007, 12:33 PM
GoCobbers95 GoCobbers95 is offline
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Default Re: I was robbed yesterday for $9,000

Sounds like you have a fairly solid case against him. You have contacted cops gave his name and they have a warrant out for his arrest. Not much else you can do.

Couple questions. How do you know he drugged you the other night? Was it a date rape type drug? Also might as well post up the guys name. It can't hurt anything and would be good to have if we are from same area.

Thats [censored] bro. Hope some sort of positive resolution comes of it.
Old 11-11-2007, 12:34 PM
(o_0) (o_0) is offline
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Default Re: I was robbed yesterday for $9,000

Old 11-11-2007, 12:35 PM
Luckboxxx Luckboxxx is offline
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Default Re: I was robbed yesterday for $9,000

Contgrats man, you got double ROLLED!
Actually I kinda feel sorry for you guy, it sucks to get taken for so much money, especialy by someone you trusted and though was your friend [img]/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img] but daaaamn you are stupid.
Old 11-11-2007, 12:37 PM
Luckboxxx Luckboxxx is offline
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Default Re: I was robbed yesterday for $9,000

Was his name Justin [censored] Smith?
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