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Old 11-08-2007, 11:47 PM
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Default bottom set, VERY BAD TURN

hello all

firstly i hardly every play NL holdem, i usually either play limit holdem or omaha8.. however when i arrived at my local cardroom i saw the waiting list for my 20/40 limit game being inexcess of 15 players, which usually takes about 2 hours, normally i go for dinner but i saw an opening on a 2/3 NL game (with a $200 buy in) and i havnt played it in a while so i said.. what the heck lets gamble.

The hand happened when i just sat it so i know no-one at the table, but from what my friends tell me most players are usually very passive and the standered is quite poor!!!

this is about the 6th hand and after playing blinds and time charge and a few small hands my stack is $182... i am mp3 and look down at pocket 2's.. 3 limpers infront of me so i limp as well,, button comes along as well and both blinds 7 to the flop $21 in the pot...

flop comes 2-5-7 with 2-5 of hearts.... checked around to MP1 who's stack is about 250ish... he bets $15, i decide to just call, what do u guys think of that btw????

Folded around to small blind who calls as well, his stack is also just over $200... so the pot now is $66

turn comes 9h... so board reads 2h-5h-7x-9h...
original better quickly glances at his chips,, looks around and chucks out a random number of red chips amounting to $35... i decided to just call.... small blind shoves... and original better INSTA calls???

whats my move here???... from my calculations i am calling about $160 to win a little less then $400, so if there is a made flush out there or if SB has 6-8 i dont have odds for the repeater......

what do u guys do here
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Old 11-08-2007, 11:58 PM
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Default Re: bottom set, VERY BAD TURN

oops... accidently posted this on the limit forum.... anyway i can i please get it put over to the Mid stakes NO LIMIT forum... my bad
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