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Old 11-30-2007, 11:46 PM
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Default Game Strategy

This is a thought experiment but it may very well relate to game theory. I was thinking, if there were a game that were equivalent to a high-blind situation in poker (in a full ring), except everyone started with an equal number of chips-- say 10 times the big blind, the top 3 got paid 50-30-20, the blind starting positions were randomized, and instead of cards, every showdown were determined at random giving all participants in the showdown an equal chance.

Every player would have the decision to bet, check, call, raise and reraise just as in real poker. The main difference between poker and this game is that showdowns can occur for less than all of one player's chips with no further possible rounds of betting-- it would just require that no one raise all-in or put someone else all-in.

One way to win this game might be to steal enough from the call-shy players to build up your stack, but avoiding putting everything on the line on a heads up all-in coinflip (which would increase the equity of the remaining players). Given that you had to enter a computer program into such a game with no information on your opponents, what kind of program would fare well? Would you avoid raising against players that reraised all in? Would you sit back and watch the action to find targets you can steal from? Would you defend your blind by reraising a loose player?

I know the question of how one would play would determine on how others play, but I think there would be some optimum strategy that fares well against the widest range of opponents just as tit-for-tat was shown to fare pretty well in the iterated prisoner's dilemma game.
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Old 12-01-2007, 12:23 AM
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Default Re: Game Strategy

unless i'm missing something, the "optimal" strategy would be for the UTG to push all-in everyhand and for everyone else to fold, at least until the blinds got big enough for the pot odds to be too good for the BB to refuse - or until the stack sizes changed enough to come into play.

actually, the stack sizes might come into play immediately- or, specifically, on the 2nd hand. since the BB on the 2nd hand should be 1.5 BBs ahead of the new UTG, it might be right for him to call for the flip, because he has positive pot odds and cannot go broke on this hand. (when he loses he can still flip his way back into the game more than 0% of the time).

if anyone deviated from optimal strategy, that of course might change optimal strategy some.
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