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Old 11-01-2007, 01:02 AM
blue257 blue257 is offline
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Default Coffee

Every day people around the world drink millions of cups of coffee. It has become a staple of life. We see a StarBucks on every corner. Is coffee really this good or is it so addictive? I think it is both really. I think good coffee almost has a sexy taste to it. It tastes rich and full bodied. Not many things can compare to it. Maybe chocolate, but that is another article all together. You love to drink coffee. You love a good cup of steaming hot Joe on a cold morning. Watching the steam come off the coffee as it snows outside is a very relaxing thought. Is coffee good or bad for you? Well, I think it depends on who you ask.

Usually what you will find is these scientists are paid by a company that wants to prove a point. Simply put, they pay the scientists off.

As in all things, you must drink coffee in moderation. A cup or two each day isn't going to be bad for you. If on the other hand you are drinking a pot every hour, you know that it will have an effect on you. I have known people who drink coffee like this. They drink it from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed. This is common in alcoholics. Let's talk about some of the bad things about coffee.

Coffee stains your teeth.

We all know what the color of coffee stained teeth are. It is up there with cigarette smoke stained teeth. You can buy things to whiten your teeth. I would suggest though that instead of trying to whiten your teeth, you cut back a little on the brew.

Bad breath.

Have you ever had a whiff of the breath of someone who is a heavy coffee drinker? It smells horrible. I would rather smell [censored] with flies buzzing around it.

It raises stress levels.

Too much coffee can raise anxiety levels. When this happens, you can become stressed out. This shouldn't be news to you. Have you ever seen how much a person shakes after they drink too much coffee?

It can raise the risk of a heart attack.

While science is still somewhat out on this, it shouldn't be much of a surprise. If it elevates the heart and blood pressure, too much of it can't be a good thing.


Yes, it can effect the little guys swimming in your semen. It can actually lower your sperm count. I know that may sound too weird to be true, but it is.

Stomach problems.

People who drink too much coffee may have some stomach problems. The caffeine irrates the lining of the stomach.

Here are some of the benefits of coffee.

It prevents prostate cancer.

This is too weird, but it is true. Coffee contains boron, which is a chemical that helps curb prostate cancer.

It is a good social drink.

You don't drink alcohol? Well, people go to the coffee house to chat all the time. A cup of coffee could be a good reason to go out and meet new people. A cup once and while can't hurt. You never know, you might meet a good friend over that cup of Joe.
It helps wash down a meal. In many cultures it is impolite to either start a meal or finish one without having a cup of coffee. No one is certain that coffee actually helps the digestion process, but it sure tastes good after a meal.

As with all things in life, you need to do things in moderation. If you feel that you are over doing it, you need to cut back on the coffee. I know that coffee might taste good, but in the long run you are doing yourself more harm than good. Just keep in mind that one or two cups per day isn't going to hurt you.

Old 11-01-2007, 01:35 AM
kevin017 kevin017 is offline
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Default Re: Coffee

did you write this or did you get it from a chain mail?

this entire thing is misleading. throughout, you act as though you have information that matters to the typical coffee drinker, but is hidden from them because scientists are bought off, but besides coffee breath this stuff only applies to people having 5-6 cups+ per day which everyone who isn't retarded should already know is bad for them anyway.
Old 11-01-2007, 04:46 AM
toutatis70 toutatis70 is offline
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Default Re: Coffee

I really enjoy drinking alot of coffee, but you left out coffee being a diuretic. I really don't enjoy going to the washroom to relieve myself 6 times a day.
Old 11-01-2007, 05:10 AM
kevin017 kevin017 is offline
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Default Re: Coffee

fact of the day - europeans drink on average consume twice as much caffeine per day as americans.

also toutatis - i will rewrite a thing about coffee that is better than the above.

Drinking 1-3 cups of coffee per day:
It increases your heart rate and blood pressure, but you will quickly grow tolerant to this affect, however we do not gain tolerace to the mental stimulation. It will increase your stomach acid production, be a diuretic, and increase your metabolism. It also gives you coffee breath and stains your teeth. It takes ~45 minutes for caffeine to begin working, and once it does it will improve your mental abilities and mood. Coffee is also an antioxidant and keeps your poo regular. It easy to be "addicted", the consequences of which are a headache if you don't get your cup of coffee.

Drinking 5-6 cups of coffee or more per day, will produce insomnia, stomach ulcers, fast heart rate, and persistent anxiety. There are no proven connections to heart diseases.

Drinking 1-3 cups per day is fine so long as you don't have any stomach ulcer problems. There aren't really any adverse affects except for becoming "addicted" and getting headaches if you don't get caffeine.

Having 5-6 + cups per day can produe anxiety, insomnia, and rapid heart rate.
Old 11-01-2007, 05:35 AM
toutatis70 toutatis70 is offline
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Default Re: Coffee

Nice work, but I feel the effects of coffee in 2 to 3 minutes as far as stimulation and more alert. I prefer mild coffee due to the fact I can drink more. I prefer some coffee's that I have had in fancy restraunts as to Starbuck type places.
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