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Old 12-01-2007, 09:05 AM
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Default Re: Most retarded tournament player ever

Seems to me to be the best stratagy. She has a caller to her all-in, why would she want two? So she can twice the change to be sucked out on? yea, if she knew that the brat had AA also then staying quite to get the 3rd call is good. But otherwise, get them to fold however you can that is legal. er duh.

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This is such a good point. Accumulating chips in a tournament is soooooo overrated.

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Hummm, well maybe, I'm not the best tournament player for sure, but still seems like the risk/reward of allowing the 3rd player in the pot is not worth it. I realize the point of this thread is to make fun of the "dumb pretty girl", but I still don't think it was a stupid move at all.

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Pray for guidance, son.

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I got it over in the MTT STRAT forum. Still with so much $ on the line I would have a hard time not wanting to isolate against one caller, double up and advance a pay slot.

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So with the best starting hand you would be happier winning about 100K from Phil, even though your stack was about 600K, rather than winning that and another 400K from the other guy? (numbers may be wrong because youtube isn't working and i haven't seen the hand for a while).
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