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Old 12-01-2007, 05:16 PM
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Default Live 2/5 mystery hand

I wasn't involved in this hand, but it was a pretty big pot. Just curious what people do in hero's spot. Hero has about $1600 and villain covers. Hero in this hand is a bit loose and aggressive preflop, and probably makes some calls and bets that are a bit too loose postflop, but he is a thinking postflop player and doesn't spew regularly. Villain is a tight player, who is willing to show some aggression early in the hand, but I haven't seen him make any big bets or raises postflop before this hand.

Our hero raises to $35 (lol, but whatever) in the CO, villain calls in the SB and the BB calls as well.

Flop is Kc 8s 3h. Checked to hero who bets $75, SB calls, BB folds.

Turn is 3d. SB bets $100, and villain raises $200 more. SB thinks for a while, counting various chip amounts (usually $200 but sometimes stacking some more on and then taking them off), then calls.

River is the 6s. Villain pauses for a bit, does some chip stacking, then finally pulls out two stacks of greens ($1000) as his bet.

Hero has about $1200 at this point. What's the worst hand hero should call with? The worst hand he should push with?
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