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Old 11-27-2007, 03:12 PM
NinaWilliams NinaWilliams is offline
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Default Re: FLOP!

If there was no one behind you... I raise... heads up you're in a way better spot obv.

[/ QUOTE ]

This is really wrong. HU Im still folding on this flop, but if it was a flop I wanted to continue on, I'd just call due to my equity being inadequate and the fact that I dont need to protect my hand.
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Old 11-28-2007, 01:59 PM
emerson emerson is offline
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Default Re: FLOP!

BB is old, but more taggish than nitty. He's prob a winning player. He's played with me a good amount and thinks I am too aggressive.

One limper. I raise 99. 2 callers. BB 3 bets. all call.

Flop TJ5 rainbow. BB leads. UTG folds. I have 2 left to act behind me getting slightly better than 16:1 and I...?

A. Call once, because the players behind me are passive and probably won't raise and the BB might have AK in which case I have the best hand.
B. Fold because there are players left to act behind me and my 2 outer will make a straight for someone else pretty often, and old guys don't really lead with AK here.
C. Raise because I might get it HU and I have backdoor straight possibilities to go with my 2 outer and the pot is big.

[/ QUOTE ]

I'll go against the crowd here. Rainbow flop, no flush draws. You are getting 16 to 1 with a draw to trips and backdoor straight draw. The guy probably did not 3 bet with KQ, which makes a straight when you hit your set. Implied odds are good. If you hit on the turn you likely collect on turn, possibly two bets, plus a bet on the river, and perhaps more from the others. I call it 3 adjusted outs. Call the draw to the set about 1.75 outs and the backdoor straight only 1.25 outs (rather than 1.5 since it is not to the nut straight). With 16 small bets in the pot and giving it just 4 more expected small bets for implied odds, 20:1 is sufficient for 3 outs... or even 2.5 outs. In fact, 18 to 1 would be okay for 2.5 outs, which would be only two more small bets of implied odds.

You will call the turn if an 8 comes, giving you the open ender, of course. If it is heads up on the turn I'd consider calling if a new overcard does not hit. There is a good chance he has AK or AQ suited. If the turn is 3 way action or more, fold to a bet without improvement.
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