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Old 10-31-2007, 02:23 PM
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Default Re: Tony G thinks it\'s a shame that people on 2+2......

Tony G is totally right. Not enough praise for Russia on these forums. Russian brides are exceptional. The advantages of Russian brides is well known to those from Melbourne Australia. Here are 5 obvious reasons to choose a Russian bride:

[/ QUOTE ]

This is absolute fact. Quality Russian women are of a much higher pedigree than their Western and other white counterparts. I saw some in Germany (lots of Russian immigrants there) that were so incredibly naturally beautiful that I felt like I was staring directly into the sun. And I am quite accustomed to the typical American-type "hot chick." Believe me, there is simply no comparison. They also are not needy, clingy, neurotic, bitchy, materialistic like most American women either. For this reason alone I feel a particular affinity for Russia, no matter what else may be true about it. From what I have seen of it in movies and media, there also seems to be a stylish elegance about the moneyed classes of society and the way they live there that I also find appealing. So from my (worthless) view, it is not all bad. Country with a rich history.
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