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Old 12-01-2007, 05:21 PM
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Default hod do you play middle set?

Please comment how bad was my line here? After a raise on flop I was afraid of aces and if villain checked behind on turn it was quite clear he didn't have str8, but what to do on river?

Full Tilt Poker
Pot Limit Omaha Ring game
Blinds: $0.05/$0.10
5 players

Stack sizes:
UTG: $14.50
CO: $16.90
Button: $9.40
Hero: $9.85
BB: $11.90

Pre-flop: (5 players) Hero is SB with 4[img]/images/graemlins/heart.gif[/img] J[img]/images/graemlins/heart.gif[/img] K[img]/images/graemlins/heart.gif[/img] J[img]/images/graemlins/club.gif[/img]
UTG calls, CO folds, <font color="#cc0000">Button raises to $0.25</font>, Hero calls, BB calls, UTG calls.

Flop: J[img]/images/graemlins/spade.gif[/img] A[img]/images/graemlins/diamond.gif[/img] 6[img]/images/graemlins/spade.gif[/img] ($1, 4 players)
<font color="#cc0000">Hero bets $0.7</font>, 2 folds, <font color="#cc0000">Button raises to $1.9</font>, Hero calls.

Turn: Q[img]/images/graemlins/club.gif[/img] ($4.8, 2 players)
Hero checks, Button checks.

River: 9[img]/images/graemlins/heart.gif[/img] ($4.8, 2 players)
<font color="#cc0000">Hero?</font>
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Old 12-01-2007, 09:07 PM
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Default Re: hod do you play middle set?

I would have fired out on the turn. That said, I value bet river and fold if he raises. By betting out on river it looks like you were going for failed turn c/r. I don't think villian has aaxx since he didnt raise max preflop or on the flop. If he c-bets a high percentage I would c/r. Otherwise , pot away.
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