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Old 12-01-2007, 08:53 PM
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Default 100NL -- 2 hands

Hand 1

100NL 6 max

just got to table, no reads besides he wasnt sitting full when i got there

Hero (101.25)
Villian1 (32.50)
Villian2 (92.33)

Preflop: Hero has QJc
Villian1 calls 1.00, 3 folds, Villian2 calls 0.5, Hero checks

Flop: 3c 6c 7c
Villian2 checks, Hero checks, Villian1 bets 2.00, Villian2 calls 2.00, Hero raises to 8.00, Villian1 calls 6.00, Villian2 calls 6.00

Turn: 9h (27.00)
Villian2 checks, Hero bets 25.00, Villian1 calls 23.50 (ALL IN), Villian2 calls 25.00

River 6s ( 100.50)
Villian2 bets 58.33 (INSTANT ALL IN), Hero.....?

Hand 2

100NL 6 max

Villian has played standard TAG post flop, nothing crazy. How ever he is not raising many hands, limp calling a lot and is pretty passive on flops that he limp calls in. Table just got to 4 handed and im getting a rush of hands so I have been betting lots, several times against villian's limp, but have not shown down anything yet and am winning all my hands.

Hero (248.50)
Villian1 (114.11)

Preflop: Hero has AQo
Villian1 calls 1.00, Hero raises to 4.5, 2 folds, Villian1 minraises to 7.00, Hero calls

Flop: Ah 10k Ks (17.50)
Villian1 bets 14.00, Hero calls 14.00

Turn: 2s (45.50)
Villian1 bets 36.25, Hero calls 36.25

River Qh (118.00)
Villian1 bets 55.86 (ALL IN), Hero.....?
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Old 12-01-2007, 09:06 PM
blink20 blink20 is offline
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Default Re: 100NL -- 2 hands

The first one, I like raising preflop agains the button limp and small blind call. As played, i think that you have to pay off the river bet because its less likely he has a set or two pair given he check called/called the flop, even though he does have a flop to be wary of with a weak two pair it still seems likely you would hear from hands that make a boat.

Although, I dont really understand why he shows no aggression until the river then puts it in when its a weird spot to bluff since there is no side pot , unless he thinks you are a bit weaker but has him beat but he thinks he has the shortstack beat. Either way you dont have reads on villians, so I think you have to call.
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