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Old 10-11-2007, 02:35 PM
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Default Re: An Unprecedented Time: Teenagers and Poker

to those who say that studying costs $$$/hr think about my business its not uncommon to make 250K/yr and still have time to play 20 hrs/week poker.

So if you really think it through, the best EV is to find a good paying job and play cards on top of u get benefits.

What im trying to say is that most 9-5 type jobs are basically passive income because they aren't that hard compared to poker, and you can still have time to play study young boys and girls! college is teh pwn.


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I am in the going to college and get your degree crowd but getting benefits is probably the worst reason. You know that if you're a self-employed [particularly poker players] that make a lot of money, you can give yourself whatever bonus you want, vacation whenever you want, and buy yourself the best damn health/dental/vision insurance. Oh yeah, you can also set up your own 401k or retirement account. Whatever.
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Old 10-14-2007, 10:32 PM
Jailblazers Jailblazers is offline
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Default Re: An Unprecedented Time: Teenagers and Poker

Here are a couple reasons why young kids are reaching out to poker.

1. It's a very deep strategy game and most smart kids want to be the best at strat games. This game is like chess, only except you really get the feeling of winning when you pick up pots or control a table. Probably more to it than that.

2. Poker happens to be popular ATM. This appeals to the smart/nerdy guys because "finally, a game that I can be passionate about without being labeled as some kind of geek." I wonder when poker will stop being seen as something gangstas or rich thugs do but something that only a nerd would take part in like magic or chess (Edit: Probably never because it will never stop being cool to have swings of 100k+ per night and not worry about it. And also just because of the gambling nature of the game, it makes you brave). Right now, winning at this game makes you a balla.

3. It's mindblowing how much money can be made. And it is not hard at all to beat. Once you realize this, poker seems definitely worth it to get good at. Also, I think that when you start raking in tons of money (not me yet), it boosts your self-esteem really high and you sort of feel superior to other people who are struggling with finances while you are off winning what they make a year in two weeks. 2p2 is a good outlet to showoff yourself what you are hiding from other people (that you are filthy rich).
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