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Default Full Ring Master Sticky and FAQ - Read This First! (12/01/07)

Welcome to the FRNL Master Sticky. Updated Dec 1, 2007.

This thread was created to be a master sticky. It will have links to our FAQ, the previous digests, essays and other works by our posters, and any bits of news that come up. This way we can get the information to everybody without cluttering up the front page.

All posters need to read the Posting Guidelines and the FAQ at the minimum, but you really should read everything here. It will make you a better player & a better poster.

FRNL is the newest NL forum and rather than reinvent the wheel, we will be linking to a number of the other NL forum's FAQs and guides.

Where should I post my hand?

High Stakes NL - above 5/10 (above NL1000)
Mid Stakes NL - (NL400-NL1000)
Small Stakes NL - (NL100-NL200)
Micro Stakes NL - (NL50 and below)
Full Ring NL - (all full ring hands and B&M hands)

FRNL Required Reading & Really Important Reading

All forum users are expected to be familiar with the following posts before contributing. The most common reason for thread locks by a mod is because you asked a question addressed in one of these two posts. Please read!
<ul type="square">[*]MSNL FAQ[*]SSNL FAQ v3.1 (Updated 12/19/05)[*]SSNL Posting Guidelines[*]Lingo &amp; Abbreviations[/list]Why don't you play 6-max?
<ul type="square">[*]LC - Why don't you play 6 max ?[/list]What is a good win rate at FRNL?
<ul type="square">[*]Reasonable Win Rates at NL100 [/list]Should I slowplay this hand?
<ul type="square">[*]Should I Slowplay?[/list]Should I fold KK preflop?
Should I fold my set?
&lt;Coming Soon&gt;

How do I filter the forum if I only want to find hands from certain levels?
<ul type="square">[*]CMARs detailed post on searching and filtering[/list]How do I contact FRNL posters outside of 2+2?
<ul type="square">[*]FR AIM Screenname Thread[/list]What do you people look like?
<ul type="square">[*]***Official Picture Thread*** [/list]Any advice for going to play live for the first time?
<ul type="square">[*]Great first time playing live thread for low-limit gamblers [/list]How does online poker compare to live poker?
Online players are much, much better than live players at the same stakes. There are a number of reasons why:
<ul type="square">[*]1 - Live, the lowest stakes are $1/$2 NL. Online, the lowest stakes are $.01/$.02 NL. So online the worst players are playing $.01/$.02 NL. Live they're playing $1/$2 NL. Online, $.01/$.02 NL is SIX levels below $1/$2 NL.[*]2 - Getting into a live game is far more casual than an online game. Live games often have inexperienced players stumble into the game on their way from the blackjack tables to the slots. Online you need to download and install the software, register an account and figure out a way to deposit. Online takes a far greater level of dedication JUST TO GET STARTED.[*]3 - When a player wants to make more money live, he moves up in stakes. Online, he multi-tables. In this way online players are able to put much more money in play while limiting their exposure in any one hand and avoid playing with better players. Online $.5/$1 NL players can make a nice living out of multi-tabling. There aren't very many live $1/$2 NL pros.[*]4 - No HUDs or Pokertracker live.[*]5 - Online players see many more hands per hour, particularly if they multi-table. More hands per hour equals more experience equals better play.[*]6 - Free alcohol in casinos.
[*]Obviously this is a generalization. If you looked hard enough you could find tough, low buy-in live games somewhere. If you truly think your live game is that hard, you're playing in the wrong time or place.[/list]Posting Hands

Post one hand per thread usually, but you may post several if they are part of the same session and it's intended to be a session analysis. Use a hand converter, and make sure the conversion works on 2+2 by previewing before you finally submit.

Here are some Hand converters available:
<ul type="square">[*]Lego Poker/FTP converter[*]Flopturnriver[*]Deacons[*]Neil Dewhurst[*]How to convert Ultimate Bet hands?[/list]Guys, please remember to title your threads clearly with the stakes being played. This will help get better responses to your threads from people playing those stakes.

Good Examples:
NL 100 - Turned two pair, how do i extract?
NL 25: Suited connector on the button
Poker theory - Playing small pairs OOP

Bad Examples:
Should I fold in this spot?
What could this guy have?

<u>Do not show the results.</u>

Responses should be civil, and you are urged to explain the reasoning for your suggested plays here. Explanations is an aid to all, as clarity of thinking is what help to improve anyone's poker skills.

Forum News:

Cry Me A River recently named mod. To all who supported me, the check is in the mail...

FRNL Digest Archive:

Links to FRNL Digests from the past:
<ul type="square">[*]FRNL March 2007 Digest[*]FRNL May 2007 Digest [*]FRNL June 2007 Digest [*]FRNL July 2007 Digest[*]FRNL August 2007 Digest[*]FRNL September 2007 Digest[*]FRNL Oct-Nov 2007 Double Digest [/list]Videos
<ul type="square">[*]Video Archive Thread
[*]Short video of 4 tabling 50NL FR on Stars and "how-to" (Mr_Donktastic)[*]10NL Video: Week 1 (xxrod17xx )[*]10NL Full Ring Video: Week 2 (xxrod17xx)[*]Full Ring Weekly 10NL Video: 3 (xxrod17xx)[*]10NL FR Video 4 (xxrod17xx)[*]10NL FR Video 5:No Audio (xxrod17xx)[*]Some full ring videos on Stars (Van Broken) 1/2NL, 2 tables; 2/4NL, 2 tables; .5/1NL, 4 tables[*]25NL Video (ship_it_trebek)[*]NL10 video (bottomset)[*]Yet Another $10NL Video (Cry Me A River)[*]***Video*** NL25 on Stars 2 tables... (skydancing8)[*]***Video*** 100max 4 tbl on Stars (skydancing8)[*] K9 on the BTN, Reraise (Video Short) (Sandviper23)[*]FR Video (6tabling 50FR) (Split Suit)[*]Pokerstars 100NL Youtube Video 10min session (Sandviper23)[*]***Video*** 25NL on Stars Vol. 2 (skydancing8)[*]NL25 video (bottomset)[*]NL50 video (bottomset)[*]100NL - 9tabling Video (Split Suit)[*]100NL - 9tabling Vid2 (Split Suit)[*]NL2 4 tables (Hklm8383) (En franšais)

[/list]Pooh-Bah Posts &amp; PSAs:

A Pooh-Bah post is a kind of essay on a focused strategy topic. Traditionally it's written by a poster who has transitioned up the learning curve a good ways by participating on the (strat) forums, building strategy conversations and playing a lot. They have learned most of the basics (which was harder than they imagined when they first started up the curve) and many of the advanced topics. Usually they write this essay around the time when they reach 1600 posts; which is the point where thier title is changed from 'veteran' to 'Pooh-Bah', hence the name.

A PSA is a 'Public Service Announcement' and is similar to a PB post, but it might not be strictly about hand strategy. It could be a broader topic (such as bankkroll or tilt control), or about contributing to the board. These will go here too.
<ul type="square">[*]1p0kerboy: a few tidbits about TABLE SELECTION 03/01/07[*]Cry Me A River: Get A Life! 03/07/07[*]Cry Me A River: The Bluffing Thread 03/08/07[*]D.L.M.: uhhh yeah im a Pooh Bah now, wtf????? 03/20/07[*] MyTurn2Raise: Playing the Blinds versus Limpers 05/30/07 [*] The Main: Inside the mind of a nit 06/01/07 [*] diebitter: How to improve your game 06/27/07 [*] Phydaux: Confessions of a uNL grinder 09/06/07[*] Cry Me a River: Crushing Short Stacks 09/19/07[*]Mike Kelley: Flop min-bet Theorem 10/15/07

[*]The Collective Wisdom of 2+2 - HUGE list of essential and classic posts from all forums.[/list]The Well

A stranger is being shown around a village that he has just become part of. He is shown a well and his guide says "On any day except tuesday, you can shout any question down that well and you'll be told the answer" . The man seems pretty impressed, and so he shouts down: Why not on tuesday? and the voice from in the well shouts back: Because on tuesday, its your day in the well .

A number of FRNL regulars have appeared in the well. Here's a sample:
<ul type="square">[*]The Well: the_main 11/22/07[*]The Well: nation 11/08/07[*]The Well: TOO EAZY 11/05/07[*]The Well: Renton 09/30/07[*]The Well: QTip 09/15/07[*] The Well: Grand Mellon 07/15/07 [*] The Well: Cameronbarry 07/07/07 [*] The Well: Bottomset 07/03/07 [*] The Well: DLM 05/24/07 [*] The Well: Cry Me a River 04/24/07 [*]The Well: 1p0kerboy 04/06/07[*]The Well: Berge20 02/23/07[*]The Well: Mr_Donktastic 02/19/07[/list]
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