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Old 07-31-2007, 01:27 PM
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Default Welcome to the Limit-->NL Forum!

There have been a number of rumblings amidst the limit forums lately about wanting to learn no limit hold'em. These happened to coincide nicely with the release of the new 2+2 book Professional No Limit Hold 'Em, by Flynn, Mehta, and Miller. Consequently, this looked like a great opportunity to start up a forum dedicated to helping limit players learn NL. It's my hope that by attracting a good group of limit veterans who all want to take up no limit, we can help each other work through the common mistakes that limit players make when transitioning to NL and get a good jump start on being successful in a style of poker we all know, and yet we don't really know. Here are just a few basic rules:

1. This forum is a strategy forum. We will thrive on traditional hand posts as well as any general theory posts people feel like sharing. However, for bad beat posts, brag posts, and general chatter, we will have a designated No Content thread. Please put any non-strategy or off-topic content in that thread.

2. This forum is for limit players of all stakes trying out no limit at any stakes. I suspect that many people will step down a bit from their usual stakes so as to risk losing less when trying out something new. There's no shame in that. However, it might be helpful if you indicate your stakes in the title of your post. More importantly, though, please provide reads. Fundamentally, 50NL is the same game as 5000NL; the only thing that's different is the players. If you can provide good information about the players at your table, you'll help everyone come up with a good response to your post. You may not always have specific reads on specific players, though -- everyone sits down at a new table sometimes or has new people sit at their tables, and we don't all fold 50 hands in a row before getting detailed reads on our opponents. If that's the case, that's fine, but you might think about putting in a general description of how you think of a default opponent who plays at your stakes.

3. This forum will cover both 6 max and full ring NL play.

4. If you currently only play NL, or especially if you're a former limit player who's converted fully to NL, you're more than welcome and encouraged to join us and smack us around a bit [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img].

5. The usual posting standards and acceptable conduct common to the other strat forums all apply here.

6. This is probably going to be a temporary forum. The moderator's playground typically switches topics every couple months. When the next mod takes over, all the threads in here will be moved to one of the NL forums, and from there, we'll all filter into the appropriate NL forum for the stakes we play.

I'd expect this to be a lower traffic forum, but for many, this could be a welcome thing compared to the immense traffic that the current NL forums get. I may update this sticky as necessary, and if so, I'll mark it as updated with the date of the update. With that, though, let's get to work on putting our opponents to a decision for all of their chips, not just some of their chips [img]/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img].

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