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Default PLO FAQ V.2

<u>Pot-Limit Omaha FAQ and Guidelines</u>

1) From the 2+2 website:

- Participants shall not post any material likely to cause offense, that is protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary right - without the express permission of the owner of such copyright - or that contains personal phone numbers or addresses.
- Participants may not use the Forums to post or transmit advertisements or commercial solicitations of any kind.
- The appropriate Forum Moderator has the right to edit, censor, delete or otherwise modify any posted message.

2) Posts may be regarding Limit Omaha High, Pot-Limit Omaha and any Omaha tournaments. If you are unsure if your post is regarding a game belonging in this forum, please PM FeliciaLee or Beset.

3) Please form your question in a narrative rather than a hand history, or use one of the converters available free of charge, so that we may better give you advice without having to wade through hard-to-read hand histories.

4) Some frequently used acronyms are as follows:

PLO (pot-limit Omaha High only)
LO (limit Omaha High only)
EP (early position)
MP (middle position)
LP (late position)
B (button)
CO (cut-off)
UTG (under the gun)
BB (big blind or big bet depending on context)
SB (small blind, occasionally small bet depending on context)
BTP (Bet The Pot)
TTP (Top Two Pair)
AI (all-in)
NFD (Nut Flush Draw)
C/R (Check Raise)
ds (double suited. i.e. 9876ds)
ss (single suited. i.e. 9876ss)
r (rainbow. i.e. AAJTr)


Q: Web Sites?

A: Google

Q: How are the games at X site compared to Y site?

A: Omaha games have a relatively small base of consistent players and a lot of short-time donators. Therefore, this question is a fruitless one to ask. There are not that many sites: just check them out.

Q: What B&amp;M Cardrooms regularly spread Omaha High?

In Vegas, some of the Stations Casinos have daily Omaha High games. Most are 4/8 with a kill, Boulder seems to have 6/12 with a kill, in addition.

Sam's Town sometimes spreads Omaha High. Horseshoe has been known to spread limit as well as PLO at times. Wynn has an interest list for PLO and will spread it if there is enough interest. In the mixed games around town, Omaha High is sometimes in rotation. Call first to any cardroom you are considering.

In general, these types of questions may get better responses in the B&amp;M forum.

Q: Help me with Poker Track Omaha?

A: No. Google pokertracker and go to their forums to ask questions.

Q: How are my Poker Tracker stats?

A: Impossible to tell. This isn't limit hold em and your stats aren't going to mean much. Post hands instead. If you want to brag about your results, please go Here.

Q: Preflop starting hand chart?

A: There are numerous excellent threads about starting hand requirements. The search function is your friend (it is working now)!. There is a lot of disagreement in this area so you will not find any clear answers. Tighter players like to play hands where all four cards work together (e.g. AKQJ single-suited, 9876 double-suited), maybe 3-card hands with a dangler (e.g. JT94ds) and ďdryĒ big pairs for set value only in position (e.g. QQ42 rainbow). Looser players will have much wider ranges pre-flop and attempt to rely on their post-flop skills to keep from getting sucked into big pots with second best hands.

Q: Iím playing a PLO/LOH freeroll in 10 minutes and Iíve never played before. WHAT DO I DO?

A: Figure out what the nuts is and only draw to that. This Might Help

Q: Converter?


Link to converter

Q: How come this FAQ doesnít have a detailed outline of how to play PLO?

A: 2+2 isnít big on lengthy forum FAQs with lots of strategy. It is suggested that you use the forum and other resources such as books, web sites and playing bazillions of hands to learn how to play PLO or Limit Omaha High.

Q: What is expected of me as a poster?

A: Keep low content material to a minimum or just make sure it is actually funny/entertaining. Donít circumvent the profanity filter or post spam or pornography.

Q: What is a nut-peddler?

A: A nut-peddler is a tight poker player who only invests a lot of his stack when he either has the nuts, the nuts with even nuttier redraws, or massive draws to the nuts. It is purported that nut-peddlers can make a consistent earn playing small stakes PLO. However, in responding to hand posts, even if you are a nut-peddler, it is suggested you try and think about what the most optimal play may be and consider player reads and table dynamics. It does not further much analytical discussion to share what you would do while playing sixteen $0.25/0.50 tables online.

Q: Am playing correctly if I lose my stack with top boat vs. quads?
A: Yes. Unless the stacks are gigantic it is highly unlikely you will come away from this encounter with your stack intact.

Q: Are you folks always this surly?
A: For whatever reason Omaha players tend to be cranky. Youíll get used to it and please donít take anything too personally. It is, after-all, just an anonymous internet forum.

Q:How do I play AAxx?
A: Collection of threads
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