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Old 12-01-2007, 10:50 PM
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Default HORSE Tourney -- When, if ever, should I call instead of complete?

First, I never complete when I am the bring-in. I think this is largely accepted as good strategy.

Second, I rarely, if ever, enter the pot if I am the first one in -- after the bring-in -- without completing.

Third, the only time I call when I desire to enter the pot is when there are 2+ limpers -- excluding the bring-in -- and I don't have a strong enough hand to raise for value, ie punish limpers with. This occurs rarely, however, as I don't want to enter these multi-way pots without a hand strong-enough to complete with.

For instance, I may just call if the blinds are smallish, there are several callers and I hold a hand in Razz like (AT)2 or a hand in Stud like AcJc(3c)

Fourth, should I be calling more often? If so, under what circumstances? Can the decision to call be a function of stack-size, blind-size and position? Or, is calling pretty much always wrong?

BTW, I am very new to HORSE, so forgive me if there are glaring mistakes in strategy or terminology in this post.
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Old 12-02-2007, 01:21 AM
BrandiFan BrandiFan is offline
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Default Re: HORSE Tourney -- When, if ever, should I call instead of complete?

Sounds kinda weak-tight to me. You need to be more aggro in an MTT than in a cash game and be willing to call light on 3rd when donks are going to pay you off for 4 bets if you can beat 1 pair.

You really shouldn't be too formulaic as it seems you are here. If you ALWAYS do something, it's pretty likely wrong. Too much depends on situations and villians.

I particularly disagree with the never opening without completing strategy in small stakes stud games. Too many players will get married to weak hands if they put any chips in the pot. In stud8 especially, you make profit by playing multiway pots so you aren't necessarily winning by "thinning the field" early.
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