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Old 10-27-2007, 11:13 AM
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Default Heads Up SnG Strategy

Couldn't find too much on heads-up SnGs (are they called SnGs too? Are they STTs too?) so starting a thread up... Anyway I've been playing a lot of 9-mans at FTP, but just discovered the joys of Heads Up play. Based on this, maybe some of you can answer these questions:

1 - SnG v. Ring Game: I noticed there are 2 man tables in the ring game and I'm wondering what the general opnion is on profitability. I play low limits (either 10/20$ SnG or 100NL Ring) so rake seems fairly big in the Ring. Id play for 20 minutes and notice 5-6$ out of the total pot.

2 - 2-man SnG swings: How big are the swings? I figured you'd have less swings than a full tables tourney or MTT or even Cash Games, but I do seem to win like 6-7-8 in a row, then lose 6 out of 8, etc...

3 - How many games do you need to play to determine profitability? Id use sharkscope (heh) to check this out

4 - Are there any threads on this topic/general strategy on 2p2? Sorry I couldn't find anything based on a quick search...
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