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Old 11-15-2007, 02:37 PM
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Default Intersting TR in 1/2NL NE Phila home game

Interesting night last night, thought I would share with everyone for a quick lol.

So my buddy Mike told me about a 1/2 home game in Northeast Philadelphia like 25 min from my house. At first I was not really thrilled about it because 1) I'm pretty low on funds 2) The dude rakes AC style and 3) People buy in for $50 (LOL?) or $100 (still lol). But he told me that it was mostly potheads and Ukrainians so I figured there would be a decent amount of money on the table eventually, and there were supposed to be 10 people including what the hay, I'll give it a shot.

I get there and it's a small table, with barely room for 6 people. Luckily there were only 6 people including myself. The dealer seemed like a cool enough guy, it was his place...and from the way he was pitching cards/talking it was obvious that he would have been the best player out of the I guess it's fine for me that he didn't play. There was pizza, soda, and pot, but no beer (beat). Since I haven't smoked in awhile I might as well keep the streak going so I was the only one one seemed to mind, but no one was like omgwtfstonedddd so it didn't really matter anyway.

I'm the first to buy in, and so I just buy in for $100. Mike buys in for $100, and the other players buy in for 60-100$. Whatever. I raise to $6 pf in two hands, c-bet and miss, and end up losing like $30 early. This is stupid. Throw me another $100 so at least I can feel like I can play. Some money moves around a bit, and then this other kid Mike, who looks like my old roommate JJ, ends up bustoing one of the short stacks that had grown to about $80 with 57 vs AQ AI on a A 5 6 flop. He hit runner strait....AQ guy goes nuts....says its the worst play ever....worst beat ever...blah blah blah. So now MikeJJ has about $150, so yay.

I end up winning a pretty sizable pot with 1010 when i flop a set, and win about $80 from Mike when I hit trips with K10 on a 10 10 A board vs his AJ. The reason this game is lol-worthy isn't really for my boring poker action, but the story of MikeJJ.

So I'm up like 200 or something and MikeJJ goes bust against a made flush when he had top pair or something standard. He insta-rebuys for 100. He plays a couple hands, gets down to 60, then decides to go AI blind UTG. Folds to me in the BB I have A10os, i call obv. He has J5, flop an A, turn J, and river brick MHIG.

At this point it's like 10 o’ clock and he said he needed to leave or his wife would kill him. She was babysitting and didn't know he was out or something. So everyone expected him to just leave. Nope. Another hundo plz. He proceeds to lose it quickly or whatever and eventually leaves.

After he leaves, the AQ guy says wow isn't he degen!?! I say meh, I've seen/done worse, blah blah. He's like yeah well have you ever seen someone rob a pharmacy to pay off a gambling debt and do 4 years in prison. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, no. Details?

So apparently the security guy who takes the money out of the pharmacy at night had the day's take or whatever, and MikeJJ robbed him at gunpoint. He gets the cash, and goes to his truck, but realizes he locked his keys in his car! So he stashes his mask, the money, and gun in the bushes near his truck and walks home to get his spare set of keys. The cops find the money and the gun, bust him, and he goes to court. Apparently robbing at gunpoint is like a 10 year sentence or something, but since the owner of the pharmacy was his NEIGHBOR, they went easy on him and he only served 4 years. It was 90% confirmed he got ass raped in prison.

WTF? Anyone experience anything like this?

Also results…won $283. Yay.
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Old 11-15-2007, 06:32 PM
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Default Re: Intersting TR in 1/2NL NE Phila home game

I'd probably leave after hearing I just took money off a felon.
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Old 11-16-2007, 01:23 PM
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Default Re: Intersting TR in 1/2NL NE Phila home game

I'd probably leave after hearing I just took money off a felon.

[/ QUOTE ]

I've taken money a number of times off of a felon from a large local drug/prostitution ring, who at the time was in a federal half way house (gets to leave to got to work, has to be back in the facility after work) who was able to play in our game because he was bribing the staff at the halfway house.

I was never particularly worried, although it helped that he didn't particularly care about the hundo or so he would drop in our game, because he was at the same time following the several thousand he had in action in sports books.

That game died though, so I don't play with him no more.
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