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Old 11-29-2007, 09:30 PM
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Default Big stack making big early position raises early in WSOP ME

I was wondering how I should have handled this. Last year's WSOP ME, initial table early to mid day 1. I am in seat 2. Seat 5 is a middle aged Asian, who has accumulated a big stack. He showed aces 7 times in the first 6 hours, playing them stereotypically. In one case, he raised two limpers to 3xBB in level 1, then minireraised a limpreraiser, getting a call and no further action.

Since he got the big stack, he has been raising frequently, usually 4.5 x BB once the antes kick in, and often from early position. The players directly to his left are relatively tough. Seat 6 is an old guy who is definately a pro, but not a strong pro, and very old school TAG. Seat 7 is a black guy who seems to play a fairly standard TAG/LAG game, but probably doesn't play full time. The rest are mostly typical live players who play a little weak/tight and readable, but know how to play. There are maybe one or two real donks.

Now assume this big stack in seat 5 is making loose large early position raises partly because he didn't want to pick on the relatively tough two players directly on his left with late position raises. I also figure he is not that comfortable playing flops, and may not completely understand position, but he understands how to use a big stack aggressively.

Now my stack varies in BBs, but I have enough so I can't resteal allin. The question is should I be calling or reraising this guy fairly loosely.

In fact, I didn't get 88+, AJ+ hands against this guys early position raises, and I didn't get involved against them. I tended to play against the weak player next to me and avoid the three relatively tough players in seats 5-7.
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