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Old 11-30-2007, 02:25 PM
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Default Postflop leak - esp on the turn

I see posts like this:;gonew=1#UNREAD

Say the villain just calls instead of raising on the flop. Now comments say "re-evaluate on the turn".

I have no idea how to proceed on the turn. Being oop, I usually check the turn. Then I'm forced to fold to a turn bet.

If I bet the turn and am called again, I'm not sure how to act oop on the river.

If I'm raised at any point, I'm also folding.

My question is, what are we re-evaluating here? I find myself in situations where I'm lost after the flop with decent hands and maybe one over. There are other hands with no draws where I lead out only to be called by a weak king (that hit this flop). Are there any recommended posts or readings on post-flop play?
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