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Old 11-14-2007, 04:27 AM
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Default Re: Stars 50K Guaranteed - The Dreaded Min Raise

Well ya you obviously are going to lose this hand... but lol at villian misclick mini-raise from UTG... youll never know why he choose to mini-raise this hand and not other hands where he had a similiar situation... its possible this was the first time he had a Soooted A and was the first player in the hand but it doesnt really matter... the point is that his range is very wide for doing this... as I suspected... and you need to raise to 1200 preflop... for all of the reasons I have all ready stated...

Also you mentioned a bigger raise... I dont think he is calling a shove obv... its massively player specific but if you can find a balance between raising too much and allowing him to play optimally by only calling when he is ahead... and too little which doesnt maximize the value you can get in against him preflop... then go ahead... but this is dangerous because one miss step can be expensive... which is why I like the re-raise to 1200... taking the standard line unless you REALLY know the villian...
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