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Old 01-01-2006, 01:19 AM
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Default Big Stack play

$22 party

I play a pretty standard tight early levels 1-3, opening up level 4 often finding myself level 4 +/- t600 with a couple orbits to find a hand to get behind and dounble up or bust out.

Or I will get lucky run into a big pp, AK or AQ that gets a flop or hit a set after limping with mid pp and double or triple up level 1-2 and have a big stack which I kind of nurse along to the bubble, not really opening up my game unless I get a big hand or in the BB and get a flop where I can trap someone. Often this works out great and I can get through the bubble in decent shape to an easy ITM, but other times it seems I kind of squander my great chip postion by non-action or wrong action, and find myself fighting for survival on the bubble.

So I am looking for some suggestions on playing a big stack better before the bubble, so I can either add to or at least maintain.
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