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Old 11-14-2007, 09:17 PM
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Default Re: TPGK facing river aggression

Really odd.

Whatever the hell is going on, I simply cannot believe this is a worse hand than AJ the ~23% of the time we need here. I'd say we're good here less than 10% of the time (namely, the times he's bluffing). And if he's bluffing, he should move up.

I'd make villain's river raising range here: {air/busted draw, A3, A7, 3x, 33, 77}. Really, I can't put anything else in there: {AK, A2, A4-A6, A8-AT, AA, KK, small pp's} - none of these make sense. It must be a weird bluff or 2p+.

I recently heard a CR tutor (can't remember who) suggesting a call (for information!) in these spots could be worth it if villain is a reg.

Edit: I go $2.75 pre, and am not 100% sure about the river lead. I want to think about c/c v. b/f v. b/c in this spot as I'm sure this is something I don't think about enough in general.
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