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Old 04-12-2006, 03:57 AM
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Default Announcements, Links, and the POG CHAMPIONSHIP (Upd. 3/8/2007)


We have a POG AIM chatroom going 24/7. It is called "pogchat". To join, simply invite yourself to the room.

Werewolf Spreadsheet:

Werewolf Spreadsheet Version 1.2

Want to run games? Want to have a sheet that rand()'s roles, counts, and presents everything in a nice format? Use this sheet!

POG Wiki:

POG Wiki


<ul type="square">[*]WebSudoku - the pretty clearly the best site for online sudoku, and almost completely ad-free to boot[*]Math Puzzle - lots of very tough math puzzles here[/list]Board Games:
<ul type="square">[*]Brettspielwelt - a german site with a ton of different german board games including Settlers of catan, Tichu, and Carcassone[*] - a java settlers of catan client with AI bots [*]Diplomatic Pouch - the main Diplomacy site on the net[*]The DPJudge - site for playing online diplomacy[*]Monopoly Strategy[*]Board Game Geek - BoardGameGeek is a completely free online resource for learning about, discussing, buying, selling, and trading board games.[*]FIDE - Major chess organization homepage[*] - Free online chess[/list]Flash Games:
<ul type="square">[*]One More Level - A site with a ton of flash games[*]1980 games - Lots of old NES and Arcade games ported to flash[*]Addicting games[*]Paper Throw[/list]Video Games:
<ul type="square">[*]GameFAQs A great site for anything you every wanted to know without figuring out yourself about your favorite games[*]Home of the Underdogs - Abandonware site. Abandonware = software that the developers have decided they can't sell anymore so they have abandoned the license and you can now download free! This seems like a temp link given the lack of domain[*] - Civ4 Website[*]Thangorodrim - Hub site for the Roguelike game Angband[/list]Other Games:
<ul type="square">[*]Wikipedia entry on Werewolf (Mafia)[*] - Big site for roleplayers (D&amp;D type stuff)[/list]This sticky is very small, I know, I'm just getting started on it, please PM me if you have a link you want to get put in this sticky. Also for now, I am going to have a running nomination thread for links to put in here.
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