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Old 10-06-2007, 03:23 PM
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Default Some tough 2-7 spots.. Heres 1

Would like to get some more 2-7 discussion going... I'll try to think of a few tough spots I've been getting myself in lately. These spots may seem sort of minor to some of you but if you play a lot of on-line short handed 2-7 they come up a lot and will defintly have a big effect on your edge

Villain is II Brutto on stars. At first he was a huge spew tard and I demolished him, but he has adjusted pretty well to my ranges and I've been running below expectation the last few sessions we've played so he could buy himself a nice 1st class Caribbean cruise with my money. I only have 250 or so bets on stars so I decided to not play him HU if I can help it, but we've been playing 3-way a ton.

Anyways.. hes obviously very aggressive, but hes been playing his rough hands pretty well. Lets say hes in the SB and im in the BB with 235.. he raises i 3b, we both draw 2 and I hit 9x.. If he checks are you betting and drawing at this 9? If he leads into you, you call and he draws 1 are you keeping it or drawing 2? I sort of flip a coin if he checks, but he will call and than c/r me after the second draw with such a wide range of hands that I almost prefer to draw 2 again and have a better shot and making a solid hand. II brutto will almost never give up before the river if you 3b him predraw, and sometimes it's just easier on your nerves to keep the pot a bit smaller check and draw 2 at it again. What do you guys think?
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