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Old 11-23-2007, 12:55 PM
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Default Re: Tournament Deals question

In agreement with all, this is collusive and any form of collusion is cheating.

It should be emphasised that a gentleman is a gentleman all the time, even when nobody's looking or when nobody knows what he's done. Deals made outside, in secret, or whatever that don't include everybody is cheating and a cheater is a slime ball. A dirty poker player. There is no wiggle room here for side deals.

If I'm not mistaken there is already a rule in place stating two players may not make an agreement to re-divide a pot. It would be logical that this would establish precident across to the prize pool.

It does make me wonder about something I did about a year ago. In a local club MT rebuy tourny, a very good player busted out of his first buy in early in the game. He always rebuys (he knows he's a good investment) but this time he started to get up. I told him I'd make his rebuy for a chop of anything he won, he agreed and I purchased all 3 of his available rebuys on the spot. He made it about an hour deeper into the game than I but did not cash. Would this be collusive because the agreement was not made prior to the start of the game? It was probably an hour or more prior to the final table.

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