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Old 02-03-2007, 04:50 PM
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Default Sub-Affiliates or Refer your Friends: We want you

Do you currently run your own webpage and want to offer rakeback? Do you have friends that play poker and have no idea about rakeback? Do you simply just want to refer people and earn some extra cash?

We Want You

Even if you have a rakeback account at another site through another affiliate that doesn't even offer rakeback, there is no reason you cannot refer your friends to a program that DOES offer rakeback and keep a lifetime % of his rake.

At using our back end we make this extremely easy for you.

You will have 3 options to sign up people you know or don't know.

1. Integrate code into your existing webpage (see for an example) whenever someone signs up through your webpage, you will get credit for that player and start earning a commission off their rake (Down 5 tiers!)

2. Simply Refer a Friend. A very easy method to refer 1 person at a time, type in the email of your friend, the % you want them to have and the % you want to keep off their rake (Not Exceeding the Max %ís allowed by each room).

3. Your own Landing Page. This gives you basically your own webpage to give to people to sign up so that you can get credit for them.

Please email us at telling us you want to sign up to be a subaffiliate and which option you would like or all 3. We have Sub Affiliate rates so you can give your friends the most % for each room not exceeding the limits set by the pokerrooms.
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