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Old 02-19-2005, 09:24 PM
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Default ISOP Cancellation

Sorry everyone for our absence from this forum. The work to try and salvage this has been immense, and there was too much up in the air to report any substance. It saddens me to announce that the ISOP is canceled effective immediately. We worked very hard and spent much capital on delivering a premier event to take advantage of this poker boom. Unfortunately, several of the sites that committed to the ISOP have pulled out at this 23rd hour and we are also having severe contract problems with current sponsors. I have been ill recently and I would like to thank my partner jek for working double duty to try and resolve these issues but after a thorough review of the current "State of the Union" I am now completely caught up, and jek and I have jointly determined that this diluted series that is still far from resolved of its problems, is no longer a viable or attractive event to the player pool we had hoped to attract.

We apologize to all, especially Chuck and Mason who believed in us so deeply. Their assistance to get us to this point was a statement of faith in us that makes this all the more difficult. The ISOP forum will be dismantled immediately and all contracts are now null and void.

Both jek and myself have worked very hard to build our reputations as players and affiliates of the utmost integrity and we hope that this failure to launch the series does not harm our ability to work with all of you in other ventures.

We have poured our heart and souls and finances in this, but we are down to only 5 rooms, 5 poker rooms does not an ISOP make and therefore we are ending the concept effective immediately. We apologize to those that spent time in creating your marketing tools but this can't be salvaged. We deeply apologize to Chuck Weinstock especially and want to thank him for all of his technical assistance, hard work and guidance. We ask Chuck to remove the forum immediately.

Deepest Regrets to all,

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