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Old 10-10-2006, 10:15 PM
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Default About [url][/url]

Welcome to the Rakeback Depot forums!

About us
We have created our website and sponsored this 2+2 forum for one simple purpose. To provide you, the player, with an accurate and complete directory of affiliates providing rakeback and other services that improve your playing experience. We hope that with (joint effort) of our site, you will be able to make a fully informed decision when deciding to sign up to poker sites through an affiliate.

Why are you here?
We paid for a spot to sponsor a forum because we believed an unbiased rake back directory was something that would be of benefit to players, affiliates and poker sites. Because all of us working for Rake Back Depot have no ties to affiliates, you get a completely unbiased rakeback affiliate directory working on behalf of players, affiliates and poker sites where all three parties can have a moderated meeting ground. The Rakeback Depot forum at 2 + 2 can be a center of discussion and feedback on issues, rules and ideas about what benefits the rakeback community the most. We will work on behalf of those interests without prejudice.

Who is the owner?
His name is Justin and and he posts under the handle "Rakebackdepot". You can contact him through the Rakeback Depot website.

Who is the moderator?
Thatíd be me. Hi. Iím here because Justin contacted me through 2 + 2 and asked me to moderate the forum. It was important to him that the moderator had no relation to rakeback affiliates. I started my online career at pokerroom without rakeback and then moved to Party (I signed up through a friend who is a fellow poker player, not a mainstream affiliate), so I was a perfect candidate in that respect. Although this means that Iím relatively inexperienced when it comes to rakeback, it also means that Iíll be able to do my job here without prejudice. I'm paid for my services directly by Rakeback Depot. You can contact me for any reason via PM, by e-mailing me at, by posting in the 2+2 forum, or by posting in the Rakeback Depot forums. We are always open to suggestions, so if you have any ideas to improve the function of this forum, do not hesitate to contact me.

How do we know we can trust Rakeback Depot?
You will have to give us a chance to prove that we are an unbiased directory where reputable rakeback affiliates will be listed and represented fairly. We won't show special favoritism to any affiliate over another. Since we have no special deals with any affiliates, much like poker sites have no stake in the outcome of the hands, we are completely indifferent to which affiliates outperform others.

How do we know that only reputable affiliates will be listed at Rakeback Depot?
We are constantly reevaluating all affiliates listed at We will gather information wherever we can and take your comments on our website and investigate suspected rogue affiliates. No rogue affiliate will be listed on our site (affiliates that do not pay players).

Forum Rules
We don't want to be too strict around here, but we do ask that you maintain a mature environment, so here are a few rules that will help keep things under control:

Don't make unsubstantiated accusations against affiliates. If you have an issue with an affiliate, attempt to resolve it privately first. If you cannot resolve your issue, provide evidence along with your claim when posting about it.

No SPAM. No Positng affiliate links. If you're an affiliate and would like to advertise at, e-mail

You may request offers here, however, we recommend that you use the special forum at that's designed for that purpose. If you're asking for PMs, please verify the legitimacy of anyone who messages you. The best way to ensure that an affiliate is legit is to follow a link to their page directly from

We do not condone the breaking of poker site rules. Posts asking or explaining how to get around the T&C of sites will not be tolerated.

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