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Old 12-02-2007, 03:53 AM
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Default Re: *** Official *** BluffTHIS! Cyrus accusation containment thread

If he isn't Cyrus, he's managed to capture everything that was so offensive about Cyrus in record time.

[/ QUOTE ]

I have the following points to make in this little tempest in the forum teacup, if it is even that.

1) As Copernicus said, if the posting account in question isn't Cyrus, he's managed to copy not just his style, but his intentional lying distortion of the views of others, and his intentional use of logical fallacies.

2) Whether people here think otherwise or not, I don't care about others having differing viewpoints on issues, including Israel. However I care a lot about deliberately misleading and lying "debate". That is what mrick is doing.

3) As iron notes, I have cried wolf before, but also been right before. Regarding Cyrus' MB account, I spotted him very early on and no one else agreed, but lo and behold a THOUSAND+ posts later, it's suddenly clear to everyone and that account got banned.

4) I myself have made exactly two gimmick accounts on this site, one of which is now banned, to do or make what I thought were pranks. However I have never made one post (out of less than 10 made with those accounts) in either this or the SMP forum. I don't feel a need to hide behind other identities to make my views known.

5) ElliotRichardson and others have in the past expressed great indignation when the subject of gimmick accusations have been made. Why is that? Because they themselves use them and also wish trollish and dishonest banned posters to be able to as well, when those posters agree with their viewpoints.

6) Simple IP checks are insufficient to determine this question as people use methods to mask same (imagine caring enough to do that on an internet forum like this!), and also by using different ones at home and work can also avoid detection. The fact is that all of Cyrus' proven accounts have different IP addresses.

So to repeat, I don't care whose views differ from mine. If we all agreed there would be no point in this forum. It would just be a dittohead forum. But what I care about is honest debate. Intentional distortions and use of logical fallacies are not that. But of course that doesn't mean some posters just don't think well and can't be honestly stupid (think of Mr. 10 smilies-per-post).

P.S. ElliotR is a weenie and political hack.
P.S.S. iron you never answered my prop bet question in the PM.

[/ QUOTE ]
Jesus Christ dude get a life and stop worrying so much about whether or not some dude has a new account or not. Why do you care so much?
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