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Old 12-01-2007, 05:08 PM
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Default Live 2/5: A2s

Game is good at the moment and not much preflop raising going on. I have a deep stack (about $1100) as does much of the table. I limp in UTG+1 with Ac 2c. Two more limpers behind me, SB completes, BB checks. SB generally plays loose and passive. I don't know that I have seen raise before the flop in over 2 hours of play with him, and he tends to do more checking and calling than betting.

Flop comes Ad Ah Kc. He bets out $45, BB folds, I call, other two limpers fold.

Turn is Ts. He bets out $125, I call.

River is 6d. He bets out $250. I tanked for a while, but ultimately folded. FWIW, I planned to check behind the river if he checked.

My river thought process was that he has at least Ax and that he's not capable of firing a big bet with Ax to try to get me to fold a chop. I think he would generally be scared if his kicker didn't play, that I might have boated up. I didn't entirely discount chopping Ax, but I weighted them down enough that I didn't think I was getting a good price to call.
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