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Old 11-01-2006, 10:14 PM
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Default FAQ

What is MGR?

MGR stands for "Monthly Gross Revenue". MGR is the total rake paid by the player as calculated by the poker site.

How do poker sites determine MGR?

There are 3 methods a poker site uses to determine MGR.

1. Dealt Method:

If you are dealt in a hand you get an equal credit of the rake EVEN IF YOU FOLD BEFORE THE FLOP. For example, if you are playing with 10 players and all of them are dealt in and the pot is raked $2 that means 20 cents will be attributed to you for this hand. Simply divide the amount raked by the number of players so, in this example, $2 divided by 10 players = 20 cents. The formula is $ amount raked / Number of players dealt in = MGR

2. Weighted Contributed Method

You receive exactly the percentage you contribute to a raked pot. If you fold pre-flop and you are not one of the blinds you get nothing. You have to contribute to the pot in order to get credit. The contributed method calculation would be your amount contributed to the pot divided by the amount in the pot = your rake back. For example, if you contribute 50% of a pot and the pot is raked $3 you would get $1.50 in MGR. The formula is $ amount raked x Your % contribution to the pot = MGR

3. Average Contributed

In this method, you have to contribute to the pot but the amount of your contribution has no effect. Whether you end up all-in or just play and fold your small blind makes no difference. For example, if 10 players are dealt in the hand, but only 6 contribute to the pot (including you) and the pot is raked $3.00, you will earn 6/$3.00 or 50 cents in MGR. The formula for this is: total raked $ / number of players contributed to the pot = MGR

How do bonuses factor into MGR?

Some sites deduct bonuses from your MGR and some sites don’t. For example, if clear a $600 bonus at Full Tilt that is $600 less in MGR because the bonus is deducted. Therefore, assuming 27%, you would be paid $162 less in rakeback than you would if Full Tilt did not deduct the bonus. $600 (bonus) x 27% (rakeback %) = $162 Note: Even though Full Tilt deducts bonuses many players choose Full Tilt because of the loose games, variety of games offered, other promotions, software and numerous other factors in addition to rakeback that should be considered when choosing a poker site.

Below is a list of poker site and the method of calculation and whether or not the bonus is deducted.

Poker Room/Method/ Is bonus deducted?/ Network

Absolute Poker / Contributed / No / Independent

Battlefield Poker / Contributed / Yes / Microgaming

Bet 365 / Contributed / Yes / MicroGaming

Bet Direct / Contributed / No /

Betfair / Dealt / No / Independent

Betholdem / Contributed / Yes

Bodog / Dealt / Yes / Independent

Bugsy's Club / Dealt / No / Independent

Cardroom / Contributed / Yes / Ongame

CD Poker / Dealt / Yes / iPoker

Celeb Poker / Contributed / Boss Media

Classic Poker / Dealt / No / Cryptologic

Crazy Poker / Contributed / Yes / Microgaming

Doyle's Room / Contributed / No / Tribeca

Eurobet / Contributed / Yes / Ongame

Fortune Poker / Contributed / No / Boss Media

Full Tilt / Dealt / Yes / Independent

Gaming Club / Contributed / Yes / Microgaming

Hollywood Poker / Contributed / Yes / Ongame

Interpoker / Dealt / No / Cryptologic

Littlewoods / Dealt / No / Cryptologic

Nine Poker/ Contributed / Yes / Action

Noble Poker / Dealt / Yes / iPoker

Parbet / Dealt / Yes / Tain

Playgate Poker / Dealt / Yes / iPoker

Poker Plex / Dealt / No / Cryptologic

Royal Vegas / Contributed / Yes / Microgaming

Royal Card Club / Contributed / Yes / Microgaming

Seven Sultans / Contributed / Yes

Sun Poker / Dealt / No / Cryptologic

TGF Poker / Contributed / No / Boss Media

Titan Poker / Dealt / Yes / iPoker

Total Bet / Dealt / No / Cryptologic

UK Betting / Dealt / No / Cryptologic

Ultimate Bet / Dealt / 25% deducted / Independent

Virgin Poker / Contributed / No /Boss Media

William Hill / Dealt / No / Cryptologic

We've tried our best to make sure this information is 100% accurate. If you see an error or have a poker room you would like to see added please let us know so we can update the information.

Poker Networks

1. Action Network

Nine Poker

Rakeback Rooms

Superior Poker

2. B2B Network

4 Kings Poker

Sense Poker

3. Boss Media Network

Bet Direct

Celeb Poker

Fortune Poker

TGF Poker

Virgin Poker

4. Cryptologic Network


Classic Poker



Poker Plex

Sun Poker

UK Betting

William Hill

5. Independent Poker Rooms

Absolute Poker

Bugsy’s Club


Full Tilt

Pharoah’s Poker Palace

Ultimate Bet

WPT Online

6. IPoker Network

CD Poker

Noble Poker


Titan Poker

6. ONGAME/Pokerroom


Betting Champs


7. Prima - Now called MicroGaming

Royal Vegas Poker


The Gaming Club Poker Room

NordicBet Poker

Bet Hold`em

Poker Metro

Crazy Poker

BetonUSA Poker

Aztec Riches Poker

7 Sultans Poker

Lucky Nugget Poker

32Red Poker

River Belle Poker

Golden Tiger Poker

Code Poker

Wild Jack Poker


Purple Lounge

Golden Riviera Poker

Captain Cook`s Poker


Colosseum Poker

Grand Bay Poker

Spin Palace Poker

Virtual City Poker

Trident Poker

Roxy Poker

Thunderluck Poker

Big Dollar Poker



BetED Poker

Poker Rewards

Tell Poker


BetDirect Poker

Atlas Poker

VIP Poker


Stanley VIP



All In Poker


Taken From

8. True Poker Network

Third Bullet Poker

True Poker

Please let us know if you see a poker room that has switched networks or is no longer in existence or one that needs to be added so we can update this list.
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Old 11-11-2006, 06:04 AM
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Default Re: FAQ

couldn't you add a column in the top part and put the network there?
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Old 11-11-2006, 07:25 PM
RakeBackDepot RakeBackDepot is offline
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Default Re: FAQ

couldn't you add a column in the top part and put the network there?

[/ QUOTE ]

Thanks for the suggestion. The network of each site has been added to the list.
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