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Old 03-13-2007, 07:21 PM
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Default Welcome to the Gym - Here\'s our FAQ. (Updated 10/16/07)

Welcome to The Gym! I will be your moderator in this trial run of "The Gym" as it is temporarily hosted in the Mods Playground.

First and foremost: Bad attitude and 'holier-than-thou' sentiments towards other posters for any reason is unacceptable. If you see this, click the Notify Moderator button and I'll deal with it. This IS your warning. Any infractions will result in a temporary ban/suspension.

FAQ Topics:

1) How do you feel about workout/diet/progress logs?

Bring 'em on! This forum was partially created for this purpose. Post your goals, your starting weight, your workout/diet plans, and any comments or questions you might have in your own thread. Feel free to bump it as often as you'd like (with regularity, please), and users are invited to post in "log" threads as well to give their input.

2) What are the general forum rules?

Anything that is against common sense is not allowed here, so use your best judgement. Use the "notify moderator" function if you think something is inappropriate.

3) What is your background?

Please see this thread.

4) I have a question about (insert illegal substance here). Is that okay?

Yes, absolutely. This forum was built to support all of these types of questions and concerns. Freedom of information largely reigns. However, posting links to places where you can purchase illegal substances is strictly forbidden.

5) What's a thermogenic, and do you recommend them?

See this post.

6) What's the best way to lose weight? I'm fat.

You need to lift heavy weights, do cardio, and eat less. Don't worry about supplements until your diet and exercise plans are in check and you are following them religiously. Then think about adding a thermogenic or other supplements.

7) I heard that lifting heavy weights makes you huge? I just want to lose 50 pounds of fat.

You heard wrong. Do deadlifts, cleans, squats, and run a [censored] load. Eat 2000 calories a day or less (high in protein) spaced out over 4-6 meals. Get a lot of sleep. You'll lose weight really fast. But you HAVE to lift heavy [censored]. Honestly.


2+2 Links

Go on a diet?
*The gym* Your favorite protein powder? (Inspiration for the forum name comes from this post)
Soreness after working out
OOT - help me sleep soundly (Applicable since it asks for supplements)
Training for a marathon
When you're feeling hungry
Another Fitness/Supplement Thread Bowflex Revolution


Outside Links

Berardi's 7 Habits

Everyone keeps saying my lifting routine sucks. What is a good one? (dethgrind)
Rippetoe Starting Strength
Bill Starr 5x5

How can I keep track of calories and foods I've eaten?

A video on squat form

Madcow's 5x5

Some instructional videos on cleans, etc.

Here's a stretching guide:

Mastering the Deadlift

T-dawg 2 low carb diet

Abdominal Myths and Articles

Foods that make you look good nekkid

What is HIIT?

Lots of links about programs and stuff

More topics to come as I see fit. Thanks for visiting!
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