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Old 11-19-2007, 01:04 PM
2hi4me2cu 2hi4me2cu is offline
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Default Re: I will mentor you for free

Id appreciate the chance to do this, i have been playing poker for 6 years, started when my friends introduced me...

I was a losing poker player for a long time, being my own biggest critic, i accepted that i was going wrong and set about reading and learning as much as i could to turn things around. ( i read a LOT of books..)

I dont post alot of strat, i feel like there are alot of great poker minds on 2p2, people that can offer much better advice than myself. However once i feel more confident id like to help alot more than i currently do.

Ive moved up from 0.15 / 0.25 to 1 / 2 and a little 2 / 5. I am winning at those limits. I can provide graphs at a later date ( im currently at work and really needed to get my app in early as this definetly interests me ) My aim would be to play poker full time, to move as high in limits as i could build my bankroll - id also love to play WSOP / EPT live events one day.

I only play nlhe cash. im 24, live near London UK, play poker almost every night (some nights my girlfriend needs me more [img]/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img] and although ive transformed my game, and im winning, i cant afford the insecurity of playing full time right now as ive got rent to pay. I also know ive still got sooooo much to learn, even thought i feel ive got a very good grasp of the fundementals of poker.

I understand i probably havn't explained every criteria you have requested, this is something i feel ive needed for a while now, as i dont know how much further i can progress just on my own, with no coaching.

Anyway, hopefully you accept my application!! If you want to talk over the phone or skype, please let me know.

Old 11-19-2007, 01:09 PM
fnord_too fnord_too is offline
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Default Re: I will mentor you for free

I would be interested.

1. I currently work on my game by doing some theoretical analysis and reading. I went on a pretty bad cooler early this year (started as a cooler, probably more than a little bad play after I was in it to make it worse), and my game has been horribly sporadic since then.

2. I want to play 10/20 nlh / plo and 50/100 lhe. Right now I have switched back to mainly nlh after playing plo for a while. I play pretty much anything, but usually have one game I am primarily playing at any given time. I really want to get to a point where I am making significant money at poker. I say I want to play at the 10/20 level because it is my understanding that a lot of good players sort of stop at the 5/10 level and make game selection at that level a lot tougher. Also, I want to focus on HU at some point. I enjoy that a lot, but I don't think I am that good at it.

3. past earnings ~ 100k over the last 4 years. Current stakes - nl50 - nl200 in my latest rebuilding phase.

4. It has been a long time since I posted in the strat forums, so I would have to dig (probably most of my strat posts are on the archive server). Mainly my strat posts were in MTT/STT/SHLH/LH. Some, but nothing much in the NLHE forums.

5. I have a white collar full time job and family (wife & two young children). I have supplemented my income with poker for several years, but I have also seen my bankroll drop abysmally low several times. (Usually this is due to withdraws coupled with break even/losing streaks or just not putting in the hours). Really, what you are offering sounds great. I think listening to someone else's thought process while playing would be very valuable. I probably put in about 15-20 hours a week playing, and 5 - 15 writing analysis code (when work is slow) and reading.
Old 11-19-2007, 01:09 PM
SuperSnort SuperSnort is offline
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Default Re: I will mentor you for free

i would love to do this also

i started off playing hold em, then moved predominently to omaha /8, then to omaha hi, then to random games, and now have started to return to hold em again and wish to improve my hold em game.
i subsribe to pokerplayer magazine and read the cardplayer articles online and also these forums (ldo). also watched a few of the deucescracked videos (although they are mainly limit) and learnt many things from watching tuff fish( last one may be false)
I would like to tighten up my game and fix my weak points, also learn more about EV and technical stuff, become solid player at some limits between 1/2nl and 3/6nl would be great
i am not playing too regularly of late, but i was play 2/4 plo quite regularly over last couple of months, having worked up from .25/.5 plo. on prima sites i used to play 2/4, 3/6 nl turbo tables and overall at FT playing plo i am up just under 6k$ ( was at most up 12k but nasty downswing recently made me withdraw most of my roll and tilt rest off) on prima playing hold em i am probably up around 1000$, with my biggest cash outs being 4200$ and 1500$ (this was when i was underage, so i never really recorded all these losses and wins, but i many times i deposited small amount and would try to go robusto or go bust)

i havent made many posts in NLHE strat, but in omaha i have made a few posts you could check

and the great part about me... i live just outside of leeds! and i often go to leeds as my brother is at uni there and i may be going there next year! i am 18 and love poker and other skill based, so called luck games, such as backgammon and gin rummy. i seem to like lots of logic and puzzle based games and enjoy all sport,(squash being favourite atm)

hope that is good ;-)
Old 11-19-2007, 01:23 PM
Mjafish Mjafish is offline
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Default Re: I will mentor you for free

This sounds like something I would benefit a lot from. I have been playing poker for 2 years now, with lifetime earnings of about 30k. I used to have periods where I would start running bad, playing bad, tilting, and I would cash out a big chunk of my BR and start over. My latest one being at the end of august when I cashed out down to about 2500. BR is about 10k now, mainly playing 200NL, 100NL and rarely 400NL if I seen an especially good game.

I have several people I speak with on AIM about poker. I read a lot of strat posts on 2+2, and watch CR vids, but don't post too much myself, probably because of a lack of confidence in my game.

Goal: I want to move up to 5/10 or 10/20 within the next 8 months or sooner (maybe higher once I get there), and have less swings/breakeven streches as I move up.

I have played on average 12 hours a week at various games (SNGs, MTTs, NLHE cash, PLO cash), in the last 5 months. I have been moving up and down stakes, winning a total of about 10k.

I am a 23 year old college student, about to graduate.
Old 11-19-2007, 01:25 PM
kkcountry kkcountry is offline
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Default Re: I will mentor you for free


- A high strategy to junk post ratio

[/ QUOTE ]

shoot [img]/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img]
Old 11-19-2007, 01:26 PM
Alobar Alobar is offline
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Default Re: I will mentor you for free

- A high strategy to junk post ratio

[/ QUOTE ]

well that screws me.....but I'm tryin Ringo, I'm tryin reeeeeaaaaaaal hard

1. I just switched to to NL having played limit the last several years, and total robotic mindless limit the last way too long of that. I hated poker (even quit for an extended period of time) and I feel completely reinvigorated by NL and am actually very excited to play poker, and am spending almost as much time working on my game as I am playing it. Math has always been my weakest area, so I am spending lots of time going over that. I bought a few math based poker books, and I spend some time everyday with a pencil and paper going over equity situations. Doing it the long, hard way, is really cementing it in my brain, and like a huge nerd, im actually really enjoying it. I'm also reading and posting in strat again which is something I havent really done in a looong time.

2. I want to be able to play and beat the 5/10 game. I'll never be able to play nosebleeds nor do I care to. But getting to the point where i'm a decent 5/10 player I would feel like I had accomplished something and would be very proud. I also don't think thats out of the realm of possibility, I think have the potential to be a decent NL player. I was a decent limit player, who sadly turned into a multitabling unthinking robot who cared not to work on his game. Mostly because I got to where I hated poker. Playing NL now tho, I see why, because limit poker completely sucks compared to NL. It's like painting a masterpiece but only being able to use 1 size of brush. It really hinders your creativity, and stunts what you can do.

3. I'm currently playing 1/2NL, my past NL earnings are less than 10K as I've been playing for only a couple month, and Im only playing 3 or 4 tables (often times only 2), working on playing poker, not trying to maximize my hourly. I'm not trying to make the most money I can, I'm trying to improve my game the best I can. I'm also spending a lot of time on other areas of improvement (books, forums, pen and paper) so I havent played many hands (less than 100K total, from 25-200NL)

4. I'd have to dig through the archives and honestly its been so long I couldn't remember specific posts, but In the past I think i've made some very good strat posts. I think I'm good at explaining my thought process well, I coached limit for a while a few years back, and have had quite a few people tell me that my posts have really helped them improve their game. I also think I make some really exceptional non strat posts, which obviously does nothing for anyone in a poker aspect, but I think it displays that i'm a reasonably well rounded, intelligent person, with a clear understanding of lots of situations, which are traits that can only help me at the poker table

5. I'm 29, I live in Phoenix, AZ. My turn ons are a warped sense of humor, athletic women, and gogo boots. My turns offs include narrow mindedness, superficiality, and ugly chicks. I love to rock climb, my favorite book is "fierce invalids home from hot climates", and I have an unhealthy dislike for spoons.
Old 11-19-2007, 01:30 PM
jungy121 jungy121 is offline
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Default Re: I will mentor you for free


I'm also very interested in this.

1. I am currently improving my game by playing and reading almost everyday. I have internet on my phone, so I'm always reading SSNL to HSNL threads all the time. I'm very interested to see a high stakes players thought process.

I feel like I have a strong understanding for the game, but I want to further that and I think that this would be a great opportunity for me.

2. My poker goal is to be playing 1/2, 2/4, or 3/6 by the end of 2008 with a healthy roll. I currently play 25NL right now because I basically have no roll.

3. Right now I'm busto, so I can't afford to play anything high ATM. But, I used to be a regular at 200NL on FTP. I also have a lot of live experience. I had 600+ hours in 2006 and 600+ hours in 2007. I played 1/3, 2/5, and 5/5.

4. Here is a thread here
that I started a while ago when I used to play 100NL.

5. A little about myself, My name's Richard and I'm 20 years old. Been playing poker seriously seriously for about 2 years. I also have camtasia and a mic. So skype wouldn't be a problem.

Thanks for the opportunity Jay =].
Old 11-19-2007, 01:30 PM
Tib Tib is offline
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Default Re: I will mentor you for free

I'm interested! I made my way from microlimit to 200NL and I'd like to improve myself and play higher stakes.

I play about 70-80h/month and made about 10k in the last 5 months. I don't have a lot of post since I'm new in poker but they are almost all strategy post. First are microstakes, last are 200NL.
Old 11-19-2007, 01:31 PM
ADK ADK is offline
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Default Re: I will mentor you for free

1. Reading/posting on 2p2, watching cardrunner videos, going over all my hands in PT after every session and seeing what I could have done different to maximize profit, constantly discussing hands with players I look upto on MSN/IRC.

2. To become a successful 5/10 NL reg (both 6max and HU) is my ultimate goal, all I want to do is be a winning player at those stakes right now.

3. Earned over 12k during the summer from NL50>NL200. Made a huge cash out for college in September now I have a tiny bankroll which I'm finding difficult to build back up for some reason. (I think too much heads up has affected my 6 max play in a very huge but bad way).
Back playing NL50/NL100 but have been playing breakeven for the last month which is unbelievably frustrating and unmotivating.

4.In my first year of college in the UK.. was planning to live of poker but due the reasons above im finding this difficult which is pretty frustrating and its really affecting my mindset whilst at college.

Have skype etc.. play about 15k-20k hands a month average, a bit more during the summer/holidays, plenty of time to dedicate myself to something like this as it can only do good things for me.

Old 11-19-2007, 01:34 PM
ImsaKidd ImsaKidd is offline
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Default Re: I will mentor you for free

1. How you are currently improving your game

Learning how to Choo Choo better, dinking around with pokerstove, etc. I don't exactly have anyone to talk ss strat with, soooo yeah.

I've been considering adding real poker to my repertoire, so i'm applying.

2. Your poker goals

Don't stress out and hate life, and hopefully make money doing that. 100bb poker was so stressful for me, which is why I switched.

[b]3. Your current stakes and past earnings [b]

2/4-5/10 shortstacking. Used to play 1/2 6max and FR, was about 2ptbb/100 at those.

4. A few examples of good strategy posts you have made

Maybe if there was a shortstack forum?

5. A little about yourself

I'm a math guy. I did bonus whoring for a long time (before it was nuked for US) and loved it because my edge was really clear. Shortstacking is the same way. I never got to that point with 100bb poker, hopefully I can get there, and learn to deal with all the swongs.
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