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Old 10-22-2007, 01:58 AM
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Default Who was Scott Freeman talking about

Scott Freeman aka ScTrojans recently did an interview with that wierdo Shawn Patrick Green and basically pointed out who he thinks is the most over rated player in online poker... didn't name his name but here's the snippet from the interview.. .who do u guys think hes talking about? Mr.Wigger954 himself??? nahhh... i duno?!?

SPG: Whatís the most overrated asset or philosophy?

SF: People overrate players who win. Iím trying to think of some overrated players.

SPG: [Laughing] Thatís awesome.


I donít want to mention any names. [Laughs] OK, well, for example, thereís this guy ********** [name omitted at Freemanís request], youíve heard about him, Iím sure.

SPG: Iíve defi <font color="red"> </font> nitely heard of him. [Laughs]

SF: Heís winning everything. He won the Ö [Freeman lists multiple wins in very big tournaments, which have been omitted for the sake of the playerís anonymity]. Heís got a bagillion whatever-points on all of the leader boards, but heís not Ö good. Thereís nobody that would disagree that heís a monkey.

So, people donít understand that thereís so much Ö I donít want to call it luck, because thatís not the right word, really. But winning a tournament does not mean anything. Anybody can win a tournament on any given day, and if you just have that run of luck ó that positive variance, as people are starting to call it, nowadays ó if that just happens to hit you at the right time Ö

Itís going to hit someone, thereís no doubt that itís going to hit somebody, and itís hitting ********** right now. And a lot of people that donít understand the game of poker are giving him too much credit for his results. Heís not a bad player, or anything like that, though. The amount of money that heís won in just couple of months is nowhere, nowhere, nowhere, nowhere near his expectation. Heís hit the goldmine. Donít mention his name, obviously.

People can say the same for me, too, because my results have been absolutely ridiculous. And I understand that results donít mean much. I try to never, ever, use my results as a reasoning to show that Iím a good poker player, especially a good tournament poker player, because I understand how much luck and so on goes into winning these multitable tournaments. The only real way to judge how good of a poker player someone is is subjectively in watching them play and seeing the decisions that they make.

But I hear ********** is a really nice guy. And, for what itís worth, he is really super aggressive. He bluffed off his stack in the $100 rebuy on Stars the other day. So, the most underrated asset of a poker player that I specified is definitely something that ********** has. Thatís important.

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