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Old 09-23-2007, 11:23 PM
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Default ~~~ Official 2007 KC Chiefs Don\'t Totally Suck thread ~~~

All I'm saying is putting us at 32nd in the league power rankings is ridiculous. I think when all is said and done the Chiefs are going to be 8-8, maybe 9-7. Yay not much to get excited about. But I'm sorry I have to much pride to see all the national pundits piling on like a bunch of freaking trained monkeys. We are not that bad.

Our defense is exactly what I thought they would be, good bordering on very good. Jared Allen back makes all the difference in the world. He and Tamba Hali are both pro bowl caliber players. Alphonso Boone has stepped up at tackle where we were horrible before this year. Donnie Edwards back as QB of the defense has been a big help, and frees Derrick Johnson to fly around and make plays. I see DJ making the pro bowl this year. Our safeties (who I doubt if Peter King could even name) are young and have a lot of potential.

Our offense is still something of a basketcase, no question. But Bowe looks like he may be the real deal, which could help open things up for LJ, which could get us into something like our midseason form last year. It's a huge IF. But you can't say there is no hope whatsoever. McIntosh has been fine at left tackle. Turley's run blocking is our biggest disaster on offense right now. Next to Huard's indecison/lack of accuracy/general suckiness. When he's running good though, he can be decent.

Which leaves of course... Herm/Solari's play calling. But that has to be fixable right? Maybe? I liked what we did in the 2nd half of this game. If teams are going to keep stacking up on LJ, we have to throw the ball down the field to Gonzalez and Bowe. The Chiefs just need to banish the Kris Wilson 1 yrd swing pass, and anything with a reverse in it, from their playbooks forever.

We shall see what happens. I just wanted to plant my flag now that we won't totally suck. Possibly we could even make a shot at the playoffs with a little luck. We have 6 of 8 at home after SD next week. Chiefs are always tough at home. And one of the road games is Oakland - no gimme but winnable and the Chiefs have owned the Raiders since the 80s. Put a few wins together and get some momentum like last year, who knows. No one in our division looks that good right now. God I love seeing the Broncos lose painfully.
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