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Old 12-01-2007, 05:00 PM
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Default Live 2/5: AQo

Literally the end of my first orbit. My stack is about $550 after I won one small pot. I open OTB with Ac Qd to $20. Folded to the BB who makes it $80. He just sat down after sitting out when I first got there. Hasn't played a hand yet; he's a middle-aged man wearing a FTP shirt. Also, the casino is holding a circuit event, so a lot of people are here from out of town to play the NLHE tournaments during the day, if that's relevant. So that's all I have as far as a read. I call his raise. Good, bad or ugly?

Flop is AJ4r. He bets $125 pretty quickly, I call pretty quickly.

Turn is an 8, completing the rainbow. He checks before I even realize it. I pause for a while trying to get clueless dealer to confirm he has checked. Eventually, I decide he has checked and I quickly check behind.

River is a T. He quickly bets $350 to put me all-in. I fold.

How'd I do?
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