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Old 11-28-2007, 10:31 PM
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Default real estate career vs. financial planner

Im graduating in June and can't decide which of these to careers i want to pursue

both have potential of making a lot of money

finance you gotta do cold calls and what not to build clients and it seems people are more likely to come to you with real estate

ive always enjoyed checking out real estate and i think i like that better then picking apart companies for finance, and the money i make from whatever i do im always gonna invest

ill be graduating with a personal finance degree and am eligible to take the cfp right after graduation, and if i decided to go into real estate i would get a brokerage license and as many certifications as i could
pretty much when i have my real estate class, i think i wanna go into real estate and when i have my finance classes i think i wanna be a financial planner so looking for some guidance, pros and cons, and any input
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