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Old 10-06-2007, 02:07 PM
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Default B&M posting guidelines

Welcome to the B&M forums at 2+2. The following list below are topics that are off limits while posting here.

1. Underage gambling. Regaling us with a story of how a friend of yours did it and almost got arrested is fine, if it's informative/entertaining. However, asking about how to get away with underage gambling or what the punishments are for doing so or any other question/point that's been made 1,000 times before is NOT ALLOWED. If you have a question about a states legal age limit I recommend you consult this very effective list at I. Nelson Rose's website.. The name of the game is patience, in both poker and life; if your underage its best too wait until you get older. Its a decision you won't regret as you get older.

2. Bad Beat Stories and brag stories ARE NOT ALLOWED. The BBV forum is the perfect place for this!

3. Posting information about cardrooms of dubious legality including but not limited to name, address or phone number ARE NOT ALLOWED unless you are an authorized representative of the cardroom.

4. B&M is a troll free zone. We ask that you treat your fellow posters as if you were sitting next to them in a casino. If you are unable to do that you will be sent away as if you were in an actual casino.

5. For your safety B&M does not allow threads asking for help in transferring funds. This includes online poker room to cash conversion requests. If you need to do this we suggest you try the Internet Poker forum, they have a dedicated thread just for this purpose - but its wisest to only make transfers with people you know and trust in real life.

6. Anything that's posted about ad nauseum. For example, tipping, 18+ casinos, how much money to bring to a casino. If you have a basic question, it's probably been asked and answered multiple times in the past. PLEASE USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION. I know the search function sucks, but give it a go. Try it multiple times with different search terms/methods, your question is probably in there somewhere. We were all new at some point, but for those that no longer are, it can get tiresome seeing the same posts over and over again. Often, it's the veterans who post the answers you seek, so encourage their participation by not posting the same thread repeatedly.

7. Opinions on the validity of tipping (aka tipping politics) are forbidden. If you don't like the culture of tipping or if you think you shouldn't ever have to tip then its best to keep it to yourself, don't post your opinion in the B&M forum.

There will be tolerance for some repetitive stuff. If only 100% new content was allowed, this board would have only 2 or 3 posts per day, and new people would get nothing out of it. Exactly what gets locked and what doesn't will be at the moderator's discretion, feel free to pm RR or *TT* if you have a question about this.

This list will change/grow/disappear as needed.

Violations of these rules may result in threads being locked, warnings, suspensions or bannings as the moderators see fit.
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