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Old 12-02-2007, 02:26 AM
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Default Re: 2/4 NFD deep vs scary c/r

If we all agree that a call's bad, a shove and a fold are breakeven at 41.6% equity. Considering the range with 46% equity looks more correct than the range with 36% equity and we do get a fold at least occasionally, I think a shove's the play, but it's close enough that I couldn't fault a fold too much.

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I like your argument, but the deciding factors for me were that (1) I thought I had close to zero fold equity and (2) I thought, due to him possibly not being a regular, that he might "overplay" his made hands ignoring the fact that I could easily have the nuts. So, I ended up folding. I still think it's very very close, and I sort of wish I had pushed so that I would have seen his hand (and hopefully suck out).
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