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Old 11-09-2007, 10:55 AM
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Default Re: $10k Foxwoods - Small underpair multiway hand vs Danny Wong

I don't get it, given the information psyduck provided, how's this trivial?

[/ QUOTE ]

I guess not trivial, but semi's a pretty small bet and you'll catch him with air often enough to make it profitable. If not, like Todd said, it's worth it for the information.

[/ QUOTE ]

You're getting 5.1:1, you have to be good just 15% of the time for it to be +cEV -- in that spot, I'll call if I have any showdown value whatsoever, always. People who love to play random crap almost never fold a pair on the flop to a c-bet, especially one that was less than 1/2 the pot, so I think he could have 77, any 6, 55, possibly even 33-22. The river bet appears to be an obvious blocking bet, which means he doesn't like his hand very much and doesn't want to call a bet of 4-5K, so I think there's actually a pretty good chance we're good here. The description of the flop action seems like he called only after he saw the other guy was folding, which could mean he was pretty weak. Plus, there's an epidemic of microbet bluffing going on in live tourneys, I don't know if it has infected Mr. Wong, but it's an additional reason to call because he could show up here with 75, 53.
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