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Old 11-23-2007, 07:03 AM
latvaniemi latvaniemi is offline
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Default Adapting to maniac style NL

I recently started playing some cash hu and sng hu and so far so well...

Yester i sat down at a hu cash game where a deepstacked (250bb) player was who was a true maniac.

I'm wondering how to adapt your style to his to be able to extract most of his money.

His style was like this.

Raise 5-6bb 99% from the button
Raise everytime you limp from the button
Reraise 2-3x 90-95% your button raises
Flatcalling all 4bets pfs

Overbetting the pot 150-250%potsize 60-70% it got checked to him on all streets except river. Bet the pot small when he had a weak holding so his maniac potbets was with a decent hand or complete air.

Call all 50% of post flop reraises in position oop and flat called 70% of the cbets and floated if checked to him on turn.

His style really took me out of my comfort zone since you were completely unable to exercise any kind of potcontrol. Since all the reraising pf the pots were almost always 20bb+ on the flop making it very expensinve to give them up if you dont hit them. And you hit them only what is it like 1/3 of the time with 2 broadway cards?

And when you hit you have to make the decision to either give them up or go to battle for 100+bb stacks with tpgk or tptk. Just giving them up or giving up pf quickly withers away you quite fast.

Anyway this is kinda how i played.



Reraise pf (calling his 4bet)


Reraise pf showing over his reraise


Sometimes limpcalling his bb raise

AT,89s,109s and smaller pp's.

On the bb

Flatcalling with pp's above 5

AT+ and sometimes sc's


I would either give it up or check raise or check/call check/shove turn depending on board texture with TPTK+

Rarely i would smootcall him down on the river...

Ah and once i decided to put him to the test with middle pari great kicker and smoothcalled him all teh way from the flop to see what he was overbetting with. He had complete air with no cordination to the board.

He got me down so he had 420bb at most and in the end he was busto and i was happy :P

Anyway question is, how do you guys hande this kind of opponent especially his post flop tendencies?
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Old 11-23-2007, 01:15 PM
creedofhubris creedofhubris is offline
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Default Re: Adapting to maniac style

buy in short, wait for Ax or 44+, get it allin preflop

with a full-stack, limp/call or limp/reraise decent hands from the button, call decent hands from the big blind, (reraise big pairs and AK of course), see a flop, hit top pair or 2nd pair good kicker, check/raise and get allin
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Old 11-23-2007, 06:47 PM
daveT daveT is offline
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Default Re: Adapting to maniac style

Just race the dude. Any two broadways, any ace, and pp, and any two cards 9s +.

COH, I think your range is way too tight. For example, if you pokerstove, QTo vs random, and A2 vs random, QT does better.
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Old 11-23-2007, 10:22 PM
00timh 00timh is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2007
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Default Re: Adapting to maniac style

In a cash game, from the SB OOP I just immediately muckalmost all the trash. Limp calling in hopes to get lucky is often just a spew. You don't need much in order to re pop him if he re raises you, A10 or better, KQ any mid pocket pair or better. I would be inclined to shove any of those to his re raise. Get him to have to make some decisions. He is totally praying upon your weakness, so don't show any. Let him know that if you get into a hand you are likely to end up felting it. Plus folding out trash PF might slow him down a bit. Catch a monster and it looks no different than any of the other 3 or 4 bet shoves and me may elect to call with the AJ, Mid pocket pair hands. Your weakness and then finally waking up makes it too easy for him to get off a hand.
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